Looking for low profile sticker like NFC reader

Hey, so i’m looking into utilizing the FIDO capabillities of the apex flex for access controll by cryptographically signing a prompt, as well as for unlocking (and decrypting) my laptop. Now i hope to figure out the programming aspects of this myself, however i was wondering if anyone knows any good sticker like NFC reader, that already has serial USB communtication integrated. Because space for additions in a Laptop is very limited, and if the relatively big antenna is on a 0.2mm flexible plastic sheet instead of on a rigit 1mm pcb it would certainly help.
I’ve already found this antenna: Taoglass NFC antenna
Which i think should work with the “GRV NFC Arduino - Grove NFC, PN532” module, which however uses I2C or UART communication protocolls, so that would mean an arduino in addition. Unless my laptops fingerprint sensor used those protocolls and is swappable. All of that seems kind of over the top, so does one of you know a good all in one solution or at least a USB-antenna board?

Looking forward to your input!

How are you planning on having it integrated into the laptop? You could always make flex boards that are very thin but the USB port is going to be the thickest part regardless and make things really hard to nicely integrate.

Well i think i’ll solder wires directly to one of the Laptops USB port’s pins, and block it so nothing can be plugged in from the outside. That way i can place the pcb with the IC somewhere with space, and connect it with small wires.

What laptop are you working with? Could you fit one of these? Pn532 Nfc Rfid Wireless Module V3 User Kits Reader Writer Mode Ic S50 Card Pcb Attenna I2c Iic Spi Hsu For Arduino - Integrated Circuits - AliExpress could then do i2c or spi to a arduino nano or trinket.

If not you could get one of those boards with a micro controller custom made on a flex boards. But that’d be a lot more involved. But honestly kinda fun to make and get made. I’d be willing to help with it if needed.

Hmm making a custom one honestly seems like the way to go, i‘m just a bit surprised no one else has made something like that before. I guess i‘ll look into what kind of IC‘s are needed first. I‘ve got a tiny bit of experience designing pcb‘s.
Do you perchance know about how this kind of thing works with drivers and api‘s for computers? Like i think it should be possible to transmit drivers over USB, so that it‘s plug and play. Or is there a standard USB communication protocoll for NFC readers? Because if i make the effort i‘m gonna do it properly. Do you know of any existing open source NFC to USB designs? That could save a lot of trouble.
And to answer your question, i have a „Lenovo yoga 7i Gen 7 (16‘‘ Intel)“.

Did you consider stripping the guts out of a KBR1, it is just 2 PCBs, it might be worth a look.

It has been done before

Dell made a few enterprise laptops with NFC built in but I’m not sure if they have that option in newer models.

Also, you might want to check out these small readers:

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No that wouldn’t work as intended, because that way it would be easy to get the password by just reading it. Instead i’d like to make use of the cryptographic functionallity, having the Apex sign a prompted string. Or even better, having the Apex decrypt an private decryption key on the laptop, which would then be stored in RAM only, essentially making the Apex neccessary to access the Laptops data. Best case scenario would be for the decrypted decryption key not to be sent back plain, but be encrypted again by the Apex with a public key from the laptop.
So far in theory :smiley:
I know this is gonna be a pain to set up, and i’ll have to look deep into the technical details of the operating system and involved conponents to see how much is actually possible, and how to do it.

I’m sorry for the bad replies. I suck at forums apparently. Lol

I did this yesterday. Not sure of that helps?

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