Anyone have experience with WAVE ID NANO?

Unless I’m missing something, (always possible)

It looks to be a dongle sized KBR1 reader essentially, just a lot more money

Appears to come in a lot of flavors 125/13.56

Has anyone messed with this?
@anon3825968 you’ve played with a lot of weird readers

I would love this for laptops to be able to just leave it plugged in, no wires or clutter or bulk, only slightly worse than just being built into the laptop

I didn’t bother with that one for 3 reasons:

  • I’m well-paid but I ain’t stupid. I have one RFIdeas product (the sonar) because it was the only such product in town. Otherwise I tend to stay away from their other products because they’re a little too rich for me.
  • Small antenna means small performances. I’m almost certain it won’t read glassies well, if at all. It’s meant for full-size cards and tags.
  • Presenting an implant to that thing when it’s plugged into my laptop on the side edge promises to be mighty inconvenient, if not impossible.

I’m still loving the size and shape

Do you have any alternate recommendations for something this size?

I know the coil will be smaller, but isn’t there a chance that it will couple decently with a similar sized coil? I thought bigger wasn’t always better

I think it would be great, left hand implants, left hand USB ports
(Obviously if you have a mismatch that’s issues)
Either PO or either of the soon to be bottom wrist implants

Cost sucks, but it can be moved between computers so that’s good

I’m thinking of giving them a call once they are open to see if they can advise which of the FRICKEN 30 options they have… which annoyingly all share the same tech specs

I don’t have another recommendation. I’m not actively looking for such a small device because I already know it won’t work well.

You’re correct, bigger isn’t always better: there is an optimal coil size for RFID antennae at a given power level. Practically, there are two factors:

  • The maximum range is roughly equal to the dimension of the coil. Or said another way, if your coil is 2 inches across, the maximum range is roughly 2 inches. If you increase the size of the antenna to increase the range, you must increase the power also. But then the receiver must be designed accordingly. If you decrease the size of the antenna, the field just doesn’t reach beyond that distance, and if you try to increase the power to compensate, you kill the receiver’s ability to discriminate the return signal.

  • The coil must be large enough to maximize the range, but not so large that the field’s torus ends up having a hole in the middle where it’s essentially deaf for the intended size target. That’s the factor that causes us so many problems with the “sweet spot”: most RFID readers are designed for cards or tags that have coils considerably larger than a glass implant’s. That’s why you have to hunt around the edge of the reader’s coil (if the reader has a simple coil shape): you’re trying to place it within the field’s torus, and most of the reader’s power is wasted everywhere else for us - hence the poor range.

In the case of the teensy weensy reader, it’s a USB reader with USB port-like power, with a fingernail-sized antenna. So already you know it’s designed to read full-size RFID tags at no more than a fingernail’s distance, give or take. Probably the designer reckoned the reduced range is an acceptable compromise for the benefit of such a pocketable device. I’m willing to bet it won’t fare well if you ask it to cope with the additional compromise of an undersize tag antenna.

Of course they may have come up with a great antenna design that somehow couples particularly well with implant coils - and if it does, it’s probably a fluke too, like the ACR122U. But chances are, it won’t.

At 30 euros, I might order one on the odd chance that it would, but at 134 euros, not on your life. It’s not that I can’t afford it, it’s just that the odds of wasting the money are so high that it falls squarely in the stupid purchases category. At least for me. If you’re willing to order one and report on the performances though, I’d be delighted :slight_smile:

They claim about 2” read range but I’d guess about 1”

The vertical orientation looks like a bigger housing, so hopefully a bigger coil

There are a couple of these on eBay for around 50$ I just don’t know if they are the right version

Not sure if I want the keystroke version or not, as it appeared the non keystroke version could still fill password boxes or windows pins

I haven’t looked at it, but it sounds like they have one hardware and a million firmware configurations. They may have firmware updates to turn a keyboard wedge into a PC/SC reader and vice-versa. My Elatec reader is like that: the company offers a million really confusing versions, but they really only sell a couple of boards with a lot of slightly different firmwares. With any luck RFIdeas does the same thing.

I’ll go and have a quick look…

EDIT: it looks like you want the WAVE ID Plus, WAVE ID Solo and Wiegand Converter utility:

Those are pretty much the kbr1 in size

I was looking at the nano line

The 7012aku can be had for cheap but I can’t tell much beyond its 13.56mhz

Found a little info but it’s still not 100% clear

I assumed it applied to the Nano also, because there’s a picture of it on page one of the PDF. I kind of assumed their entire product lineup is a variation of the same design. Maybe I’m wrong. That manufacturer is quite confusing.

Ok I found the Rosetta Stone…

I’m not the most Savy with this stuff, so I assumed it was me… nope, they are expecting the customer to decode their product code to know what stuff is, but then hide the chart

Well, I decided 45$ is worth the gamble, better than whatever 175 euros translates to

Near as I can make out the 7012 outputs raw data instead of being a keystroker
I’ll try to fiddle around with it, worst case I’ll mail it to you or @darthdomo maybe, you guys are way smarter with firmware than me


Well it came in,

It looks like it puts out plenty of power, but I can’t make heads or tails of their software to make it output… possibly not compatible? But I think it was

@darthdomo can I pull you away from your pinephone to see if you can make sense of it?

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Are you sure it’s reading? It looks to me like it’s got enough power to light up the blinkie but not quite enough oomph to get a read. The giveaway is that it blinks slowly. Most of my readers do that when they’re probing, but the blinkies turn solid on only when the reader latches onto the transponder and gets a proper read.

If you have a detector card, you could try to bring it close to the reader alongside a full-size NFC card and see if it does that.

Sry took me forever to find a ntag…
When I need a t5577, everything is a ntag
When I need a ntag everything is a t5577
Unlabeled white cards seems stupid in hindsight

No, even with a full size card, it only does the fast blinks

There is a whole range of settings in the software, and I admit I’m a caveman and can only make sense of half of them, who ever wrote their product manuals needs a kick in the dick

I get the sense that it’s not set to look for iso14443a and I need to set that

Edit, I think I see the problem
Looks like this model is only good for iclass… balls
I don’t know enough about iclass, but I’m guessing this will be an issue

Looks like the rdr7512aku is designed to work with 14443a stuff… sigh why’d I gotta figure that out now

Bright side it’s still cheaper at 96$, might snag that one if I can’t somehow force compatibility with this one,

I’m encouraged by the power it’s giving to the led, it’s brighter than my iPhone when it reads

So I just spoke with rfideas,

Besides accusing me of installing a pet chip I think it went ok :upside_down_face:

Looks like the rdr7511aku is what I should have gotten,

Looks like Newegg has it and has a 30 day return,
So I’ll give that a shot

Sounds like the Sdk can’t keystroke at all - ever
I was under the impression you could configure it to with the right software

OPEN offer, if anyone uses iclass I will give you the nano I currently have, just take care of shipping

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Honestly I’d have given em a piece of my mind. That’s no way to treat a customer, whatever their opinion might be.

I wouldn’t say it was offensive in how it went down, mostly just ignorance… old lady

Eq: blablabla
Rf: so what kind of tags will you be using
Eq: it’s something you guys likely won’t have much dealing with, and you won’t be able to tell me if the read range will work well or not with your reader, I’ll just have to try and and find out
Rf:but what kind of tag, I’m sure we’ve seen it or have some experience
Eq: I’m using subdermal implants, they have much smaller coils and so bla bla bla concerns
Rf: is it a pet chip?
Eq: no, it’s a similar concept but it’s different
Rf: but you’re saying it’s subdermal… so that means it’s under your skin?
Eq: yes
Rf: then it’s a pet chip… you injected yourself with a pet chip?
Eq:sigh… no
Eq: changes back to return policy discussion

You missed a golden opportunity to bark back :slight_smile:


My previous offer stands @anon3825968

If you think you could make use of an iclass only device it’s yours

Thanks, it’s very kind of you. But I have no use for no iClass stuff. By all means send it to someone who’ll have a use for it. It’ll be wasted on me.

Yea, it’s a shot in the dark that anyone will want it
I figured worse case someone might be interested in dissecting it
Iclass doesn’t seem to be common at all around here, at least real 13.56 iclass, not 125 pretending to be iclass

Oh well, nothing ventured nothing gained