Looking for someone to do scalpel work near SLC, UT

Hey Everyone,

My co-worker and I are looking for a source for getting some of the more intensive implants put in. We are Utah based and are coming up a bit short when it comes to contacts for experienced scalpel work. Does anyone on the forums know of a shop or an individual that they can recommend for implanting fingertip magnets/flex keys?

Any info would be greatly appreciated

Did you try

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I feel a little dumb - I forgot about the map Amal links to in the FAQ. Thank you for reminding me of it! I’ll give Enso a visit when my order arrives.

Thanks again!

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I went to Dustin at Enso to get the first VivoKey Spark implanted. Sadly I cannot recommend him, he did a really bad job at implanting my tag in the back of my hand.

He approached it at a weird angle, didn’t push the plunger all the way down (so the tag was still stuck in the needle), went to pull it out, got half way out before realizing it was still in the needle, jammed the needle back into my hand, and using his fingers, physically wiggled the implant out of the needle into my hand through the skin. He also nicked a vein and I bled like crazy, bruising was the size of my entire back of hand.

You can watch and see the installation here - https://vimeo.com/305802970 (warning bloody and grahic)

It was not a good experience at all. I have 5 implants, 4 of which were done by @c00p3r_atx , who runs Dangerous Minds podcast and is the king of implants; I wouldn’t let anyone else stab me. This Spark installation almost made me pass out, it was so bad, especially compared to the rest.

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@Eiskrieger, if you are looking for doing more than just a glass tag preloaded in a needle, eg. flex implants requiring a scalpel and suturing, I would reach out to Patrick at Koi Piercing. I know that several people there have experience with sub-dermal body modifications.

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