Looking for the best implant to hold secure data


If I wanted one of your injectable or implantable products to store secure data, which one would you recommend? Obviously it would need to be read/write. And I don’t mean it needs to store full MP4 movies, I’m just thinking things like GPG/PGP keys or some other type of key needed to decrypt data. Granted, the more data it can hold, the better.

What one would you recommend for that? Perhaps the xDF2 DESFire EV2 8kB NFC? It has 8kB, is that the largest available?

Thank you.

IMO a much cooler plan is to get a smart implant which holds your key and does the en- /decryption for you, in the chip, that way the key is never leaked out.
That would be the Apex :slight_smile: (also in general it has the most storage right now, so that’s your best answer anyways)


Thanks Yeka. I think that might be what I end up doing.
The part that worries me is that it says the documentation and support is scarce. So that kinda sucks.

Can you tell me exactly how this would work? In a practical sense? Like if I have a document on my Macbook Pro or my Android phone I want to encrypt, how would I use the Apex for that?

Documentation on the Apex is scarce because it is not officially launched yet, only available in a beta program. You can look at the documentation of the FlexSecure development platform, which is essentially the same hardware as the Apex: flexsecure-applets/docs at master · DangerousThings/flexsecure-applets · GitHub . Specifically how to use PGP: flexsecure-applets/1-pgp.md at master · DangerousThings/flexsecure-applets · GitHub . In general, search for documentation on how to handle your stuff using a YubiKey - most of that applies to the Apex as well because it uses the same protocols. https://support.yubico.com/hc/en-us/articles/360013790259-Using-Your-YubiKey-with-OpenPGP

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