Looking into my first implant. What's the difference?

That’s what I thought and hoped for. What do most people tie to their NFC, just out of curiosity? I could see social media links, professional websites, favorite youtube videos, etc.

Only rickrolls. I don’t think implants have another use case. They should come preconfigured as rickroll.

Jk, I have my contact there.

I definitely appreciate everyone’s quick responses and helping me out being I’m so new to all of this. I guess the next step is ordering a NExT with the proxmark3 combo and get it installed!

The only NFC chips that I am aware.of that you can actively change the ID on are Magic chips. Even then you actually have to be changing the magic chip UID for that.

You can also get proper access control systems but those are more expensive. Ubiquiti has one but the additional encryption that it supports is not compatible with implants so you’d have to use it in chip UID only mode. This should be ok for most purposes. HID also makes a few systems.

There’s a list of tested readers on this page:

There are also a few threads on door locks, here’s a recent thread on the matter:

And of course, if you can make your own hardware, I encourage you do do so. Building stuff is awesome!

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