Looking into my first implant

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I’m looking for my first implant. My first choice would be the xsiid because of the blinky. But it doesn’t match the versatility of the next or xmagic.

The main purpose of it would be to unlock the door at my surfclub. I will also upload a picture of what nfc tools reads from my bracelet. Can this nfc tag be cloned to tye xsiid?

My other question is how future proof are the implants that are available now? I know we don’t have a crystal ball to look in the future. But are there any releases in the near future that are worth to wait for?

First of all, welcome!

Second of all:

Unfortunately not, the xSIID’s not really set up for cloning credentials. Fortunately however, it should be clonable to the xMagic, xM1/FlexM1, or the FlexMT

There are a few options for blinkies here though, one would be just getting both the xSIID and a compatible implant in different locations, in particular xSIID+xMagic would be a really powerful combo in my opinion.

You could also get a compatible implant and an xLED right side by each, so the xLED lights up when you use the implant

Unfortunately I’m not up to speed on the latest implant forecast, so I can’t really say whether or not there’s something nicer on the horizon (Man, I need to get DT club one of these days)
That chip you’ve got there was released in 1994, 29 years ago, and it’s still one of the most common chips around, it’s probably not going anywhere any time soon


Perfect answer by @Aoxhwjfoavdlhsvfpzha above, I would just ask, do you know who manages the access system, because although you can’t clone your bracelet o to an xSIID, you may be able to enroll it…if it is compatiable.

The direct enroll implants we know that would work are the ones @Aoxhwjfoavdlhsvfpzha mentioned above, but they also happen to be the ones you can use to clone.

What you could do is, Find out what the specs are on the access system are (share here, we may be able to help) or get an I2C test card and see if it is compatiable with the access system.

if it was, then you could get your xSIID blinky, get it installed, enroll it, and you’re in…well, after 2 weeks after the inflamation has reduced, AND if the reader can read an xSeries.


Thanks for all the help and good tips!

I shall try the I2c testcard first. Got to wait till it’s in stock in Europe.
The only option i found was digiwell. KSEC is located in the uk and brexit didn’t help.
Do you guys know if there are any other Europe vendors?

Normally it should be easy to find out who manages the access system. I can always ask :slight_smile:


Only Digiwell.
Patrick is amazing :slight_smile: i meet him on “Chips and Beer” Events its so cool.


Ok, so after a long time waiting for my Proxmark3 to come in I did some trial and error. I’ve managed to clone my badge and copy it to a tag succesfully.
These are the specs of the copied tag that worked:

I also tried on another type of tag in card form. This did nothing.
This is the rfid scanner to open the door:

Will it work with a NExT or xMagic implant or both?

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If it truly is a 4 byte mifare s50 then the xMagic is your solution. The NExT does not have a magic mifare chip.

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Thanks again for all the great help. Love this forum!
Works like xMagic.