Lost an implant in my hand

OK so the funny thing is, has nothing to do with an infection or a non-sterile installation, those are fine.
I was doing some very minor box moving and I noticed yesterday thatMy xsiid Has decided to take a little trip. It was in the top part of the webbing of my hand but now it seems to no longer be there.

It’s still working I can sometimes get a read on it, but it’s not very consistent. I don’t know exactly where it is and my concern is that it’s migrated itself into the pocket that my xLED
Lives in.

I’ve tried to massage and manipulate it back to no avail. Are there any suggestions before I just open it up and pull it out again?

No it doesn’t hurt and the XLED I think it’s fine… However I can’t seem to find it in my chubby bit of my hand.

got a bright flashlight?

I do. I tried. I’m too chubby to see anything

Well, besides looking for the xSIID light, I have 0 ideas.

Do you have a USB keyboard(KBR1)? That will light it up really nice.

Edit: @anon3825968 always coming in with the save. The small neodymium ones work great.

Hunt around with a small magnet: if you only get one spot that pulls on the magnet, they might be in the same pocket.

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Magnets work good

I don’t stick magnets often because you risk breaking small wires from the pull on the core inside against the glass

But a visual once in a while, and not super strong so that they barely stick