Lost info looking for proxmark history folder

Hi everyone,kindly assist i was working on a tags using proxmark rdv2 running latest iceman fork
somehow i stumbled on a folder thats more like a history folder on what UIDs or commands i was using,now i forgot the folder name and i need a certain UID to set on another.
can any1 point to me how i call pull history.

thanks in advance

On Linux this should be in your home folder and called .proxmark3/
On Windows using Proxspace this should be a normal folder named .proxmark3/

Within that folder there should be a sub folder named logs where all of the logs are named by date eg log_20210816.txt This should be read as Year:2021 Month:08 Day16 taking the format of YYYYMMDD


Thank you so much Jirvin, I did find the folder as per your instruction.