M36 Wrap Alternative to implant

I’d like to try out the M36 magnet when it next comes available but would like to be able to do a trial first. Does anyone know of a good way to create or find a silicone mesh wrap that could hold the M36 stable next to the skin basically in the same location as a wedding ring so the magnet is on the palm side? I’m hoping that by keeping the magnet attached 24/7 one might be able to get some of the same ability to detect electrical fields but with the ability to take it off for things like MRI’s etc.

Any ideas out there?

Looking around I found that there are things called silicone finger sleeves that at least temporarily could be used for testing this idea. Now I just need the magnets…

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I was too slowly to get the magnets from DT. I have the magnet from Samppa in my left ringfinger.

What I can say is, one of my friends works in an library - they have amazing security gates - i can ffel them from 1 meter away. She clues with a pflaster just for fun a small neodymmagnet to her finger - and she was also able to feel the gates.


And actually as I’ve been thinking of this another alternative might be to do a barbell piercing that has an m31 on each end. This would allow for replacement with non-metallic for an MRI while possibly increasing sensitivity by having 2 small magnets working in concert. Not sure. but maybe worth an experiment.

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I’m also very interested in all experiments related to magnets (especially for sensing) and I get a magnet which is a little stronger than the M36 maybe today. I am planning also to attach it close to the fingertip area where it would be as an implant to have an idea of how it might feel…

I don’t know if the piercing method would work same (or nearly same) as an implant, but think you are totally right that it might be worth an experiment! And it would make it easier for some people to decide to get a magnet if it could be removed for short time and get it back on the place easy again…

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