Macodroid & Tasker

For a few days I have been testing and configuring things with implants and these two wonderful applications, the truth is that you can do very good and creative things. I recommend you if you have not tried them that you look at them and try to play with your implants!

Thanks for the recommendation
Just to make it easier…



Tasker is outstanding, very powerful tool. Highly recommend it. If you get the Tasker App Factory extension as well, you can use that to convert individual Tasker scripts into standalone apps that you can share.

I have not heard of MacroDroid before, thanks for the tip.

Is macrodroid the same thing as nfc tools?

I’m currently using tasker, only have it set up as a quick shortcut to my email, as I do not know how to do anything else😅

just wondering if macrodroid is a little more user friendly?

I only used Macrodroid to try it out, I did work however and was pretty simple ( In fairness it was only a simple Trigger I set up to Toggle Torch / flashlight on/off )

Very easy to set up
Constraints ( not used )
Variables ( not used )

There were also templates you can use that others have created ( I didn’t test any )

To me it looks like a windows interface with the coloured tiles.
Simple Tap and step by step set up selection.


I’m pretty sure I was unable to keep my NDEF record on my NExT
I had to rename it, I called it “Toggle light” or similar, scanned my NExT , enrolled and tested the toggle light function which worked, but when I tried to read my NExT with BioCom and TagWriter, there was no data…not even “Toggle light”
I am not sure what was happening there, I re-wrote the NDEF data, tried the same Macro again, and the same result ( Who knew ? )

In short, I didn’t push the app capability very hard at all, but it was easy to set up and it worked for what I tried. But it appears to overwrite NDEF Datasets, but I didn’t do any further testing to figure out why or how to “fix”…

I know it was not a very thorough testing, but it was not something I needed at the time. I hope that helps regardless

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