MacOS Login using Apex Flex?

I got an ACS module thar I installed into a macro pad I built. Currently Im using it as my YubiKey but wanted to know if its possible to use my Apex Flex to log onto my MacBook pro. This is a bit over my head, so any direction is helpful!

How are you logging in with your yubikey? Is it specific login software provided by yubico?

Sorry for the confusion, Im using the ACS module as my reader and my Apex as a Yubikey for OTP. I’m currently not logging in with my Yubikey (I currently use my sxiid that as my computer password/login). HOWEVER, reading you’re able to log into your mac with a yubikey, it looks like the security protocol is PIV, I know the Apex has PGP so wasn’t sure if it was even possible.

We don’t have piv yet… yet.

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Awesome. Im guessing piv is the only way login. I’ll be patient. :slight_smile:

Thank you @amal

i don’t think that’s the case to be honest… there should be many other options but i think each will require some sort of PAM or support software to accomplish. I don’t think apple or macos supports alternative login options natively.

I tried using that yubico login tool for windows and it does not recognize Apex, so it probably also using PIV or something not yet supported on apex :person_shrugging:


Awesome I’m going to search for a software. I’ll update the thread if I find one. As always thanks for all the help :raised_hands::raised_hands: