Macro pad + RFID keystroke reader

I’m looking for a product suggestion. Currently, I am building a macro keypad and want to include a keystroke reader into the build like the KBR1. This is so I can log into my computer with my chip ID.

Any one have any good suggestions? or is the KBR1 something I can take apart and grab just the NFC potions to solder into my macro build? (I currently have the KBR1 working great but want it built into something)

This will be my first real soldering job and build so I just looking for direction to make that happen.

You could get an arduino pro micro and a pn532 v3 and follow this guide to make a device to type any text you want when the right uid is scanned :slightly_smiling_face:


This one is pretty fucken awesome also, But it may be too large for your build :man_shrugging:

The KBR1 is cheap and easy to disassemble
and as you can see, relatively small

You have options…

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im now to all of the soldering etc. So if I took the inside of this. Would I need to have 2 USB’s coming out of the Macro pad? or could I solder it into the current board? (I also realize you might not be able to answer this without seeing the Macro pad board)

If you can program the micro controller on the macro pad to also read the card reader then you will only need one USB port coming out.

If you don’t know what I am talking about then you will need either two, or to build a two port USB hub into the macro pad.

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