Magic Desfire Implant


i just saw that there are magic Desfire cards.
My employer uses Desfire Cards for access control and for payments (cafeteria).
Of course with a cloned Desfire i am not able to pay, but with a little luck they only use the UID for access control.
Are there any plans for magic desfire implants?
If not, do you think a magic desfire conversion (instead of payment) with the lab401 cards is possible?

or is it possible to clone a Desfire UID to a magic M1 implant?

The problem with the magic desfire is that they only identify as desfire but the actual security features are not emulated.

Please note, this card does not emulate any other MIFARE DESFire® features.

The problem with this is that if a system is using desfire, and paying the extra expense for those cards, then it is for sure using those security features. I can’t imagine a system that uses desfire cards, but only bothers with the UID for access control or other security mechanisms.

In short, I think this is actually kind of a useless product.

Thank you for the quick response.

My employer changed the cards two years ago. They used older chips before, unfortunately i dont know which ones. The rest of the system seems to be the same.
I have hope that they only changed the cards for secure payments….
Maybe i will try the magic desfire cards out of curiosity.

Definitely try the card first. Perhaps they still have legacy mode working with just UID but they might change things on the system at any time.

I will!
Do you have an answere for that question?

Thank you for your help!!

Magic MIFARE Classic cards only use a 4 byte UID, so they’re not compatible with the newer 7 byte systems unless they’re running in legacy mode

Are you sure?

1.3 Security and privacy
• Manufacturer programmed 7-byte UID or 4-byte NUID identifier for each device
1.4 Delivery options
• 7-byte UID, 4-byte NUID

the magic ones

Classic cards are 4 bytes… But there are new versions under the EV1 or evolution 1 specification that can have 7 byte IDs

If you wanted to send me some magic mifare cards with 7 byte IDs, I could attempt to convert some.

Yeah, he is, when talking about Mifare Classic 1k implants, which have only 4 bytes changeable NUID
the xM1, FlexM1 gen1a and gen2, FlexMT…

I tested the Magic Desfire a while ago (for public transport), and the UID change is easy, but that’s all it does, so if it’s “looking” for anything more than just the UID, it just won’t work.

as Amal stated

I considered getting a custom conversion of either the 4 or 7 Byte Magic DESFire for a just incase, but it was pretty pointless as an implant

Rather than wasting your money on the Magic DESFire, You do have another option though

Speak to the system administrators and see if they will enroll a “bring your own” and enroll a
xDF2, FlexDF or FlexDF2

Gah, Amal beat me to a reply…oh well, you have options…

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my fault :woozy_face:

I’ve already thought of that and would be my preferred approach, but I work in a company with several establishments. There is an employee responsible for visitor cards in my establishment, but the management of the whole access control has been outsourced.
I have to find a contact person and need to get more information about the contractor first.