Magic Ring and door entry card


Is there a video on how to clone a door entry card to the magic ring without using an android phone.
the videos that are available all show how this is done by using an Android phone but not using just the Proxmark3 and windows PC

I personally use my Phone, because I find it much easier and far more convenient
but thats not what you asked

Not a video, but this should be all you need

If i was to use an Android phone wolud any Sansung phone in London UK be ok even an old cheap model. Does it just require a NFC chip in the phone in order to read the card info

Yes, all Samsung phones with NFC and most if not all other brand Android phones with NFC are capable of writing. You can use MIFARE Classic Tool app

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As above, you can also get the paid version.

Exactly the same, but just supporting the developer.
One off cheap donation.

I have the paid version because it is a great, easy to use app and I use it frequently.

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