Magic Ring durability?

Can anyone speak to the durability of the magic ring? Considered buying one, but I want an idea of how rugged it is, and if it’s waterproof. Thanks!

I know it’s mostly ceramic, so…tough, but I’d love to hear from someone that actually has one.

I have been wearing one for over 6 months on my dominant hand and had no problems at all, including lifting weights with it on.

It is waterproof.

I highly recommend them.

Not the magic ring but the dual frequency ring
(Ntag instead of a magic mifare)

And apparently my ntag isn’t working anymore

I don’t think I did anything violent to it, it looks mint

Maybe I fried it with a wireless charger or something idk

But I’m 1/11 for implant failures, and 1/1 for ring failure, take that how you will

I think the rings are probably held to a lower standard
But they also cost a lot less also, and there’s much less of a problem if you Bork a ring vs an implant you gotta get removed

Id still use a ring for the right use case, but maybe not irretrievable data or critical access control