Magic Ring durability?

Can anyone speak to the durability of the magic ring? Considered buying one, but I want an idea of how rugged it is, and if it’s waterproof. Thanks!

I know it’s mostly ceramic, so…tough, but I’d love to hear from someone that actually has one.

I have been wearing one for over 6 months on my dominant hand and had no problems at all, including lifting weights with it on.

It is waterproof.

I highly recommend them.

Not the magic ring but the dual frequency ring
(Ntag instead of a magic mifare)

And apparently my ntag isn’t working anymore

I don’t think I did anything violent to it, it looks mint

Maybe I fried it with a wireless charger or something idk

But I’m 1/11 for implant failures, and 1/1 for ring failure, take that how you will

I think the rings are probably held to a lower standard
But they also cost a lot less also, and there’s much less of a problem if you Bork a ring vs an implant you gotta get removed

Id still use a ring for the right use case, but maybe not irretrievable data or critical access control

Hi guys!

I bought a magic ring on Sept 17, 2022, I used it daily until yesterday when the LF chip stopped working.
To be sure I checked both LF and HF chips and found that only the LF side doesn’t work, I also tried ProxMark3 with other LF chips and it works so the only explanation is that the LF chip is definitely dead.
I really don’t know what to do since I bought it less than 6 months ago…

Any suggestions are appreciated :cry:

Very odd to just quit working.

Did you by chance get close to a Qi wireless charger?

Hit the help button :help: on the dangerous website
Bottom right

I’ve thought about this problem, but I don’t have any wireless chargers or occasion to have gone near one.

I don’t have a magic ring but have abused T5577 cards with all of my Qi chargers and they always survive. Haven’t tried with an induction cooktop and I probably should. Those might be able to fry RFID chips.

Re: the Qi chargers, I believe some may and some may not.
ie. the cheap Chinese ones may be more likely

With an LF chip they have protection so I kinda doubt it, but it is possible.

Haha, sitting on the fence there.

You won’t hurt my feelings if you tell me I am wrong

Nah, I’d be blunt if I was sure. No use beating around the bush. I just can’t be sure because with every T5577 chip (or any “magic” chip for that matter) you can’t be certain of anything. They’re grey market after all.

I don’t have any induction loop or induction stove so I’m pretty sure this was not the cause of the premature death of the T5577. Another strange thing is the hf chip inside the ring, that’s still functioning.

Ok, the LF chip is a T5577, and the HF one is a Mifare.

Well this is where it gets even more fun… A true t5577 chip is not gray market it is an honest to goodness chip from the likes of Phillips. The problem is that a lot of Chinese products are now using basically what amounts to be a knockoff t5577 chip and the stability of that chip is in question.