Magic Ring LF not reading on Proxmark 3 Easy

Hello! Got my Proxmark 3 Easy working with my work badge, reads it no problem. It also reads the HF section of my Magic Ring. But the LF is another story. It will not read it no matter what position I put it in. I’ve used lf tune --mix to watch the voltage drop, and it just doesn’t, less I cup the PM3 in my hands with the ring on, then it drops from 25mV down to around 17mV. Then I get one of two results depending:

  1. If I have the PM3 stock, lf search gives me no data found.
  2. I’ve removed the center pcb per a video saying it didn’t make a difference. Then I’ll get mostly No known 125/134 kHz tags found!, unless I find a sweet spot (which I can’t find again since I put the middle PCB back) and then I’ll get an Indala ID and random data.

I’ve got a Flipper Zero, and it won’t read the LF side at all. Don’t have an Android to test with either.

Any ideas?

Hmm it sounds DOA to me. What’s annoying though is that we hand programmer t5577 chips ourselves so we know they are good when they leave… but that’s not always a guarantee.

Since you are not getting any coupling with LF tune… it seems dead… but could you confirm you are placing the ring LF side down on the LF antenna and trying a few different positions including centered but also overtop the enamel wire of the LF antenna and still getting no change?

Actually I just reread the LF tune results. A drop from 25000 to 17000 is significant so there appears to be good coupling.

I think we should try some t5577 recovery options.

Thanks for the help - I’ve tried this, with no luck. Without moving my finger, doing an lf search gives me the following (with lf tune showing 14mV):

I did try the link you posted about reviving a bricked one. That didn’t seem to help - couldn’t detect it with lf t5 detect or p1detect. Did the writes, and still nothing. And it seems even if I get tune down to 14mV, search is hit or miss in finding data, and always says false positive.

I should also note I only get the voltage drop with the ring on and my hand around the pm3. If I run the ring around it without that there isn’t a drop, or it may drop from 22.0 to 21.8.

Yeah this is sounding DOA :frowning: