Magic Ring M1 + T5577, can't write on it

Can you try scanning it with your phone, with something like NFC Tools orTagInfo to see if it can tell you what chip type it is?


We received a batch with only one dot on them and decided it’s a better design … more subtle… the mifare chip should be exactly opposite the single dot side.


NfcA, MifareClassic, NdefFormatable

NXP - Mifare Classic 1k

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Thanks it do looks better and I can see it have the technology, just can it support m1 S70 4k (4b) maybe it’s the 4k what’s failing right?

Does the card you’re trying to copy have a 4 byte uid or a 7 byte?

It isn’t using all but I don’t know if I can clone it with this

First time trying a 4k on a 1k , don’t know if it could even be possible.

The 4k is larger than the 1k, so I don’t think a full copy will work, you should be able to manually set the UID on your ring though, which may work for you

Best way to do that, first time doing this lol, got proxmark3 but haven’t even try it lol ? I guess since the last digits are just 0000 it would work

Since the ring is Gen2 you can just write to block 0 directly with the UID, how you do this varies with what tool you use, if you want to use the PM3 you’ll use the

hf mf wrbl

If you get a taginfo scan of the tag you’d like to clone the UID to, I can give you the full command you could try

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Perhaps the store images should be updated to reflect the current stock. Or put a disclaimer that the product may look different. IIRC, this is the second time recently that someone has mentioned it looked different.


My other account got the maximum reply thing LOL, ill DM you on this one, thanks in advance

This happens with the ring and the command, is that ok? now i make the following comand -d [newdata string] ? on the ring

now run this?


Now you would run

hf mf wrbl --blk 0 -d 8466A3339E0804006263646566676869

on the ring

Dang dnt waited on your response and i think i brick it LOL

guess ill order one more

now i cant read it

Try just an ‘hf search’ and see what happens

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Update, manage to write again on block 0

can read it again

(so if any one make the same mistake i guess gen 2 can be re-writen)