Magic Ring not writing?

Just got my Magic Ring. Went through the setup steps to update the firmware with my Proxmark3 Easy. I want to start by trying to clone my work ID. Running lf search it reads the card no problem. lf search also reads the info that comes stock on the ring.

When I run lf hid clone - r XXXXXXXXXXXXXX(This is the demod code from the work ID) it says:

[=] Preparing to clone HID tag using raw XXXXXXXXXXXX
[#] Tags can only have 84 bits
[=] You can cancel this operation by pressing the pm3 button

It seems to just sit there while I hold the ring over it with no indication of completion or progress. In the end I just ctrl+c and it backs me out of the operation and pm3.

Perhaps I’m doing something wrong here. I’m very new to this so any help or direction would be appreciated.

Thank you

I’ll add, this is the output of the lf search on the card.

Okay all, nevermind. Seems I’ve figured it out but won’t be able to test till I return to the office. That said it reads identical to the actual card.

How I have to figure out how to clone an HF card I have.