Magic Ring v2 - What do I need?

I’m thinking of buying a Magic Ring v2. But I am not sure if I need the Proxmark3 or Accessory kit? I have a reader/writer at my job were we create new key fobs, just creating them in the computer system and then reading the fob on the reader. Can I do the same thing with the ring? Just place it on the reader and it will work? My guess is that the accessory kit and Proxmark3 is for those who does not have access to a reader/writer already?

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Readers use one of many different protocols. Having two chips on board the Magic Ring v2 covers many of them but not all. Your first step is to find out what protocol your office reader is running.

Then there are two ways to have your chip work as a key to your system. The first is to enrol its ID in the existing system in the way you mentioned above. You basically tell the access system that from now on this electronic key is authorised to open that lock. If the people running the system are happy to add your key it is the easiest solution and requires nothing more that you providing the ring’s UID. If they are wary of adding a different key than the ones they provide you can point out that they would maintain complete control of your access at all times just like with any other fob. You just want to wear yours in a more elegant and harder to forget at home form factor.
If you cannot enrol your ring and the reader is using a protocol compatible with it you may be able to clone your existing card onto your ring. You would need a Proxmark for this but be aware that if you have never used the CLI on your computer, this process has a very steep learning curve.

Quick answer: find out what protocol the access system uses and if the people running the system would be happy to enrol your ring.


You also mentioned the access kit. You would not need this for your office access. They are two additional readers that would increase the use cases for your Magic Ring V2.

The Keyboard wedge is a plug and play reader that is mostly used as an access system for your computer login. Instead of manually typing out your password you just place your hand on the reader.
The xEM Access Controller (xAC) is a component for creating a DIY access system.

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