Magic Ring/writing LF question

Does anyone know if you an write the magic ring with a device other than the Prox? Such as a flipper or icopyx? For now, I’m looking to write the dump of an HID Prox, using the icopyx to the magic ring. Is this possible?

The prox what? Both the icopy and flipper should work. The LF side of the magic ring is a t5577.

I assumed Proxmark3 :man_shrugging:

You could also use an Android via MCT to write to the HF side, but you would need iCopy or Flipper for your LF side.

I don’t believe Flipper can write to Mifare Classic gen2 (Yet, but dont quote me on it, I havent checked for a while)

Perfect I figured as much but just wanted to check

I actually wrote the high frequency side with my icopy and the low frequency with a Flipper, though I could have done both with icopy. Love the magic ring