Magic Rings back in stock!

Magic Rings are back in stock at Dangerous Things! One side has a 13.56MHz Magic Mifare 4 byte 1K S50 with changeable UID (CUID), and the other has a re-programmable 125kHz T5577 emulator chip. Clone keyfobs, access cards, work badges, and more!


I’ll try a size 12, although a size 13 is probably what I need. Wish me luck!

Let’s say someone was being stupid and had the ring on while working and in the process of lifting something heavy, had this heavy object come down on top of the ring which cracked it but didn’t completely break so the chips still work. Is there any way to fix it for a fee or is it not worth it?

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It’s a ceramic ring so I don’t think that there’s a way to fix it. Hopefully you’re ok and your hand is also ok.


You might consider filling in the cracks with good ol JB Weld… like an American version of kintsugi.

I’ve used JB Weld on a good number of crazy situations and it holds up. I once used it on a motorcycle crank case that cracked and had a puncture hole in it. Cleaned it really well and formed the JBW into the cracks and filled in the hole with it… I was bombing around the forest on that little bike next day… lasted longer than the bike did!


Likewise, it is a great product.

I’ve actually seen a comparison review (i beleive to be unbiased) and it came out on top of all tests.

this one I think

A resin may also be a viable option, but harder to work with



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Project farm is legit! He makes such good, thorough, reviews and tests of allll kinds of products. I’d trust him any day of the week (and last I checked Thursday, is in fact, a day of the week)

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