Magic Tricks (Not Magic Chips)

So I was thinking lately about cool ways to incorporate my tags into magic tricks. Unlocking a door without your card is pretty cool, but that gets old quick as a trick. After some thinking though I think I came up with a good idea. By using a card force you can make someone draw say a 5 of hearts. Then the pit it back in the deck, and you do some fancy flourishes. Then have them scan your hand and boom, 5 of hearts on their screen. How dope of a magic trick is that?

If you wanna learn about card forces:

Anyone else have some cool ideas?


Magic using smart phones has actually come in to vogue in the last 5 years or so.

Some of the more mainstream examples are Tempus and Icon which use apps on your own phone.

As for ideas using a implant I’ll have to ponder on that, the only issue with it is assuming that they have a NFC capable phone.

If you wanna learn some basics of card handling check out Royal Road to Card Magic or Card College to thing on ideas of your own.

also the many mainstream magic sites which I’ll list a couple below to browse for things that catch your eye or spark a thought.

Books will always be the best bang for the buck but videos are much easier to understand if you actually buy a trick.

Edit: also there are tonnes of Youtubers that teach magic now adays as well including people like Daniel Madison who was previously with Ellusionist.