Magnet Alternate Locations?

Hello! I’m brand new and excited for the future. My normally pessimistic self, is challenged only by the brightness of biohacking in the future.

I have a couple hopefully quick questions:

  1. Anyone already have larger magnets willing to answer how “much less” field sensation is?
    2 the big one: does it have to be the finger? If I get something like an M31 in a location like the wrist or back of hand, am I going to lose the function of bio-sensing? I am enamoured with the idea, but I know the limits of my personal grinding from previous experience and I’m not sure I’d manage a finger install (at first at least).

I guess I’d love to start with a test installation in my right, maybe knife edge of hand, or forearm where I have a nice flat space to work with. I would love to be able to use that area for sensing as well!

Thanks a tonne in advance,
Please feed me your brains!


  1. hard to say because even the identical magnet implanted in two different people or one person in two different fingers or similar locations will produce different results… that has to do with both healing and final position of the magnet vs nerve endings… but I can say that larger magnets have more mass, and require more field strength from the external magnetic field source to induce it to move. The other factor is time… more mass takes more time to get up to speed (thanks inertia). Think of it in terms of speakers… a woofer is good for bass because it’s large and sluggy and slow to move so lower frequency sound is best for woofers… and a tweeter is tiny and nimble and can move really fast so it’s great for higher frequencies… in the same way, a smaller magnet can move faster and respond to higher frequency magnetic fields as well as weaker fields… while a larger magnet is good for holding things with its strong magnetic field, it will have a harder time moving when exposed to a weak field or a high frequency field.

  2. no, it doesn’t have to go in the finger. placement really depends on what you want to do. If you want to sense things, then you need to place it into a very sensitive area of the body… fingertips are the prime location because they are both sensitive and easy to position near magnetic field sources. You could also put one in your upper lip for example, but do you want to hover your face a few inches away from your microwave oven to sense the magnatron inside? Probably not. If you just want to lift things with a larger magnet, then placement is not really an issue… but again, somewhere in the hand is probably the most useful.

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Thanks for the input Amal!

I’m a little torn; I’d like a larger one at first, or at least, to lessen the chance of it moving around under the flesh.
Reason two would be, I may be wrong, but I feel like a larger one would be easier to install myself/flat area of skin.
Reason 3 would be magnetic force and mass. A larger magnet (I may be wrong) would last longer at a high strength than a teeny one. But small is relative, they’re both small.

I’m more interested in sensing than picking up! This causes some internal dialogue lol

What I’m aiming for is still fairly sensitive but not like a finger or lip. Back of hand or wrist, before the actual wrist joint.

That shouldn’t be a problem if installed in the fascia tissue. I’ve not heard of any migration problems with magnets, aside from the normal settling process that occurs the first couple months after install.