Magnet Implant and Traveling

So I’ve had a magnet in my finger for quite some time and have loved it and had no issues. I’m going on a trip to Italy this summer and was wondering if anyone can share experience or knowledge about traveling in an airport. From what I’ve read and heard from my friend, there are no issues going through the metal detectors or anything like that however I was hoping someone could just confirm that and put my mind to rest. I don’t want to run into any issues with my travel.

Thank you!

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I got in February a magnet (I was too late for the magnets from DT) I fly home from Dusseldorf (Germany) to Vienna. No problems, and they had the new scanning machines - sorry i don’t know the english word for them. Nothing happens - they only checked my shoes. I have 3 RFID Chips and 1 Magnet.
First I thought the picked me out, because they regonized my implants - I told them, I have four implants - they ignored it - they checked only the shoes…

We have at the Airport in Vienna, t he old metal detectors - you must go through them, when you are attending the Airport Tour - nothing - also on the visitor terrace.
First I thought also, I will feel something - nothing - I was a bit sad. :wink:

Have a nice holiday.