Magnet Implantees, Here Is A Question For You

Here is the story:

After getting my first magnet implant I experienced the so called ‘Hyper Sensitivity’.
This lasted a few days, and I am glad it was over afterwards…
To put it into perspective on day1 I started the microwave oven and literally my tears came out of happiness when I felt the buzz.
(On day zero I sticked to the pole of the Overground, but my hand was still numb, therefore I encounter that as day zero as the magnetic sensation was not quite there yet.)

Anyways… the microwave oven made me feel the buzz. My friends didn’t belive me so I asked them to conduct a double blind (and deaf) test with me. I got blindfolded and had some loud music playing on my earphones so I couldn’t hear the noise of the micy (read: mickey, Chef Micy - as referred in some professional kitchens),and I had to signal wether it was on or off by raising my hand while I was facing the other way for good measure.

The result: 100% accuracy up to 3m, and the power rating of micy was 1800W, so double the average household microwave ovens.
I didn’t feel the buzz over 3m away. Later it reduced to 30cm, but here comes the weird part:

After this I had an unexplainable connection with the device, well after the hyper sensitivity was gone. Mean: I could tell if the program was finished even when I didn’t hear the beep, even if somebody else heated food in it, even if nobody told me it was operating and so on.
When I knew my friends were testing my ‘super sense’ the experiment collapsed like wave function, my predictions were no better then guesses. However when they tested me without me knowing about it the accuracy was up to 100%, 10/10… after the 10th they got both bored and fed up, also they ran out of ideas how to keep the test double blind.
Anyways I consider it to be proven that the first device you feel connects with you somehow. At least in my case.

It is important to mention that only the very first device was special for me. Soon after the microwave I turned on a blender (in literally 2 minutes), however I felt no connection with it in any sense, despite the EM field of its motor was stronger.

Later they swapped micy to an identical device… yet again, no connection.
Then they made another swap… I figured it out.

So here is the question: Did any of you experience something similar?

And one more: Did any of you experience something similar with another magnet implant, that was implanted to somebody else?
Or if not (yet), would you try? …perhaps with your significant other?

…I know, it sounds really sentimental, I admitted being that already.
But I need more data from more people to confirm that there could be a connection between you and your first EM field you experience.
That is the other reason I would love one more magnet.
Let me know if you are interested please!

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You were quantumly entangled with the nuker!


I joke you not we did proper science. I measured the actual effect of hyper sensitivity, and it is almost exactly 10x if you use metric units.


  • 3m vs 30cm with the microwave
  • 5m vs 50cm with the blender

Both experiments were tested 10x, with both devices, both in and out of range.
Also 10x after the hyper sensitivity was gone both observed and unobserved.
… so you can imagine how fed up they were with my quantum entanglement =)=)
I know it sounds funny, and it should, but I took it bloody seriously and despite my sentimentality I would love to see people willing to contribute to my observations. Even if my results are confuted.

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Side question. What magnet do you have and where is it implanted?

How much time did you leave between the tests? Was the first with the most range, and the last with the least? Did sensibility return? It is possible you just got used to the sensation. Or that you simply desensitized over time. The blender and the microwave also don’t produce the same kind of electromagnetic fields. Did you try it with other devices of the same kind? Edit: late here, kinda misunderstood your question. Also, did you control for other factors that could have ticked you of to the condition of the microwave?

Thank you for the question, as all my measurements are valid to my magnet:
Samppa’s 3x7mm cylindrical magnet in my palm.

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Sounds a little like the Hawthorne effect
Edit: also, look up demand charasteristic on wikipedia

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The first set of 2x10s on the mic and the blender were done in one batch. I found the range of sensitivity by myself out of curiosity. (3m, 5m)
Then my friends got involved and I got blind folded and my ears were plugged. Then I was moved randomly by one of the girls in and out of the range and had to raise my hand.

Yes, it is possible that I got used to the sensation, but back to that in a minute.
My hand was swollen after the implantation and as it went back to normal (about 3+1 days) my magnetic sense settled. Yes, nowadays it is the normal way I live, so I pay less attention on signals that I got used to, for example I can get used to my laptop, but hated when I bought it. Or if I buy a fresh set of magnets I dislike holding them in my magnetic hand, but after a while I get used to them.

The blender and the microwave are producing different EM fields, that is true, in fact I could tell them apart. I felt the rotation of the motor, the magnetron was just a buzzing sensation. I can still recognise a rotating magnetic field.

I didn’t control other factors, my friends took that challenge, so they swapped the plastic insert of the microwave when they swapped them, so technically I shouldn’t be able to tell them apart. They also had to swap the assigned programs for each button (1 for 10sec, 2 for 30… the other was 1 for 10, 2 for 20…etc) so it was rather well controlled.
Thank you for helping me clarify…

Exactly that’s why I would love to repeat the test and get more people to be involved.
Perhaps by you guys asking these questions can help to work out an improved test, find the potholes on mine and conduct it properly, although I need to mention that my tests could be less biassed as they were done out of a lab, and those I referred as the 2nd batch of tests were stretched out in time. They took month to conduct and they were actually blind, only 2 people at a time were involved, and I was excluded all the time. I was the labrat - so to say.
I don’t have access to the documentations, only the results were shared with me. And it was over 3 years ago.
Time to refresh, huh?

The laptop thing I find rather curious; you mentioned in another thread that you use an Apple laptop. Well, all Apple laptops released since the late-2010 Macbook Air use SSD as the storage medium so I am a little confused how you would be able to feel magnetic fields from that. Of course you could have an earlier model :slight_smile:

I find your report very interesting, but I don’t think we should hasten to ‘entanglement’ or the like. This clearly needs more testing. I’m curious if other members with implanted magnets have noticed similar effects. :slight_smile:

Screenshot 2020-10-01 at 03.06.41
It has to be magnetic, it rotates 5400RPM.
Classic 2012 with all the plugs nobody needs anyways. =)=)

Hopefully next week I have some time to write my memories about how the test actually went. I upload that to somewhere, share the link and ask for peer review, that would be the best.

Ahh that’s right, they stoped manufacturing the ‘classic’ Macbook in mid-2011; you probably got one on the tail end that was still in stock. Re the memories: that would be great! :slight_smile:

Sorry mate. That’s not a thing.


I know, it sounds silly, sentimental, and to be fair I don’t even know if the connection I felt and got checked by others was because it was the first device, or because I got tossed around it blindfolded for almost an hour. I should have started with step one and ask about hyper sensitivity

I put out a cringey story and mentioned I need more data a few times. Despite that my anecdotical evidence stands for me. And it can only be a story without others to check.

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