Magnet location

Are there unsafe places to implant the magnet? I want to install one on the back of my hand.

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Here is an index of the most common locations: Implant Sutra - An index of implant positions that have been discussed and/or tried

You can also check out my book if you are new to magnets:

In general avoid having it over a bone, too close to a joint or in an area that receives impacts or gets pinched when holding objects.

I always recommend to tape/glue a small object the size of the implant on the planned location over a day or two and see how that work in your daily life.

If you are looking for a deep dive into biomagnets and the science behind them here is a collection of my previous research and projects.

It would be helpful if you describe what you intend to use it for (sensing or lifting or something else) and which one you plan on getting so we can better help you.

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I did exactly that. I was trying to avoid attracting metal shavings in a machine shop, which turned out to be a non issue. I also found the location to be useless for sensing. If you’re looking for a good place to stick tiny screws, however…

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I have an xG3 installed on the back of my hand. It’s practical for holding tiny screws, but can also sense things, though I don’t think I can sense as much as if I had a titan in my finger tip.

Here’s the implant sutra locations that are common. You can have a magnet next to another implant as long as it’s at least 5mm away from an RFID implants or 20mm away from another magnet implant.