Magnet Locations

Ive been giving a lot of thoughts into getting one of the magnet implants, but have not really come across any more information about locations as far as implanting goes other than the fingers and random side of the palm. Can it be placed on top of the hand, say between the knuckles for instance? Thanks in advance for any information on this, as it would greatly help with figuring out places other than the finger tips (which Im ok with too) that might work out as well.

You can put a magnet almost anywhere you like. The reason specific implant locations are chosen though is to maximize sensation. Most people implant magnets because they want to be able to enhance their senses… to detect magnetic fields and feel a natural force occurring around them they normally have no ability to feel. The back of the hand is not nearly as sensitive as up near the fingertip. The pad of the finger has a much higher density of tactile nerve endings than most any other place on the body, except maybe genitals or your lips.

Oh gotcha, That makes sense. I was away of the reasoning, which is what peaked my interest originally, didnt consider the tip of the fingers as far as nerves went…If you implant more than one, say I did one in my finger tip, and one in the knuckle area like I mentioned in the same hand, is there any kind of potential “interference” from the two, or would that not be an issue? Just curious as Im really interested in doing this, and have been for about two years…just nice to finally get some legit answers…Thanks again!

At that distance apart there should be no interactions between the two magnets, not of any significance anyway.

Great, thank you…I really appreciate the information. Makes my decision a bit easier now.

Just to add, I have a magnet in the pad of my ring finger, and a second on the far side of my palm. I have no interfere between the two, but I can rotate my hand to get a 3D feel of the shape of a magnetic field. Like Amal said, the more sensitive the area, the better the magnet will work. Just DO NOT have them in any two areas that routinely touch or almost touch (ie, adjacent fingertips), because they’ll experience attraction to each other.

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Great man, thanks…As soon as they are available in the store again, Ill be sure to get a couple!!