Magnet Removal ( Non-DT )

Luckily it came out in one piece.

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I’ll type a short case study and recommendation soon.

There is a feeling of “silence” straight after removal. @greydoc you are a hero!


@Pilgrimsmaster @Atilla it was an interesting and complicated removal, the capsule was so solid that my initial incision over the implant site actually migrated it. I had palpated and used a field analyser to find it so I knew I was right over it. In the end I had to use a magnet to isolate it and draw it back into the field and dissect it out.



It’s interesting to see the corrosion erupting from the fracture lines typical of parylene coatings on magnets.

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57 month - almost 5 years in vito


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A tingling started after 2 years of the installation. That feeling got more frequent, especially after consuming acidic drinks. The tissue slowly thickened around the magnet. The whole process was slow and smooth through out the time.

There is a feeling of silence now. :relieved:


an almost insidious progression… one might convince themselves to completely ignore it until the thing just burst open.

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If only somebody made medical grade Bio-safe SCHOTT glass magnet implants, that come pre-loaded in a syringe, and you could choose the magnetic axis :wink:

xG3 V1
xG3 V2
:syringe: :magnet_xg3:
a Titanium coated magnet

Just dropping :arrow_up: these links :arrow_up: here, for somebody that stumbles upon this thread, and are searching for a safer and proven option than parlyene coated magnets.

And why not link to this thread for some eye candy :interrobang:


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I know how that feels… And I’m glad that it came out in one piece.

Is this because of the irritation from the compromised magnet or something along those lines, or just the natural healing process of any implant?

I have the impression that removing a glassy tends to be an easy process but I could be wrong.


I was talking from my own and very limited experience… :next:

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I’d imagine since it started 2 years after installation that the sensation was caused by chemical breakdown of the magnet and that was causing tissue irritation and probably some amount of necrosis.


Stupid easy… only thing was I wasn’t paying attention and then I look over and he’s got a needle bigger than a flex needle, and he’s like ok this is going to suck a bit… uhm wait wut?.. he was just using it like a scalpel lol, but I puckered for about 1.5 seconds until it was cleared up

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Doesn’t the parylene basically bond to flesh? I’d think that would have some to do with making it fun to dig out.


No, parylene only allows tissue to bond to it if applied in a specific way as to allow a suitably porous surface.

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Could golfball dimpling titanium achieve the same type of effect?

Not sure what you’d use it for but tricks in the tool box

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A magnet doesn’t make me an expert in implant coating, but I need to mention that the case has to be studied in whole details.
What I’m trying to phrase is that not only the coating, but what’s underneath that matters as well.
A polymer coated titanium might be safe, might be unnecessary? Regardless, an itsy bitsy layer of parylene will not turn a piece of metal biosafe.

I heard about the obsolescence of the implant and accepted the risk that my body was exposed to.
Now I know :brain:
I tried it…, so you don’t have to.

The implant went through all sorts of extremes.
I consumed grams (often 1-5 tablespoons) of Vit-C on a daily basis and the magnet got a few (harsh) mechanical impacts.
I don’t mean that less acid or smooth handling can make parylene coated magnets safer.

My personal recommendation is: get it removed and feel better. :point_right::+1:

More about the healing and the palm as location soon.



I consider it healed, the scar will improve.
There is some scar tissue grown beneath, resembling the feel and shape of the late magnet.

Other than that, I thought I’ll miss the “sensing” bit more.
In some aspects, having no magnet feels more comfortable. This, and the rather aesthetic scar completes my voyage to something I feel good about.
It will look better once the place of the suture heals up.

-Doing what I did :point_right: NOT recommended! 🙅 *
-Getting @greydoc to remove your magnet :point_right: Hell yeah! :ok_hand:and let me just leave it like that, as we were talking about upcoming project that are not implant related. :soon::selfie:

*I didn’t regret it, but would think twice doing it again.
:soon: Friday