Magnetic implant placement for a musician

Hi peeps! :wave: Newbie here!

I came across magnetic implants (and biohacking in general) some time ago and since then I’ve been absolutely fascinated with magnetic implants and I’m seriously considering getting one.

The problem is, I am a musician. I play the bassoon, and when playing every finger is being used. Bassoon as an instrument has both holes that need to be covered and keywork that are pressed, flicked et cetera, so it’s crucial that there isn’t anything obstructing fingers and their movement.

This of course limits the placement of an implant, as they can’t be put on my fingertips or sides of fingers. Are there any other places that would be good for a magnetic implant? My main focus atm is a sensing magnet. I was wondering if placing the magnet at my wrist could work?

Thanks in advance for any help! :heart::desktop_computer:

So, I don’t yet have a magnet myself, but a lot of reading has led me to the understanding that anything other than the fingertips has highly suboptimal results for sensing magnets: the nerve density is just too low. I’m pretty sure I saw this same question pop up on a while ago, you might check their archive. Take my advice with a grain of salt though, there are others with a lot more knowledge than myself when it comes to magnets.

If the strings are not steel it should be fine on your fingertips, just don’t play for a month or two to let it fix itself in place.
But that’s the best advice I can give.

Thanks for your answer! This is what I’m afraid of, I’ve been thinking about it a lot and the magnet probably wouldn’t affect my playing too much in other parts of my fingers, but the fingertip just isn’t a possible place. I’ve been wondering if a sensing magnet would work placed lower in the finger, like where the first finger bone is. I have to keep researching this. I would just really love to get an magnetic implant, but of course I have to put my bassoon playing first if it seems to be impossible to combine these two things.

No strings in a bassoon, it’s a wind instrument :wink: Also not playing isn’t an option 'cause this is what I study. But thanks for answering! I have to keep researching this.

If your fingers are that sensitive and critical to what you do, definitely don’t jam magnets into them :slight_smile: When we have the m31 in production, it was probably the only magnet that might have been ok… maybe… but other magnets available on the market are coated in very thick coatings like silicone that require a significant amount of damage to be done to tissues to install them. It’s also common that they fail or cause other complications, including essentially what could be described as “bulging”.

The finger pads were great for sensing because they had dense tactile nerve endings and they are your most extreme extremities… you can poke them into areas to explore fields very easily. Other places on the body are also dense with nerve endings, but difficult to position to explore magnetic fields… for example, nobody wants to see you putting your crotch up to a microwave to “experience the fields” :slight_smile:

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Welcome! I have had my magnet implanted on the side of my hand in the sort of metacarpals area. I do tech work on stage and with guitars, and am super glad that I did not get it implanted in or near my finger. I still get great magnetic vision, and lift strength. I would definitely suggest considering the side of your hand, I was sceptical at first that I would get the desired effects, but I definitely recommend it if you have concerns about your fingertips like I did.

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