Making glass "unbreakable"?

Sooo… what I’m hearing here is you could make your own glassware “unbreakable” if you have an oven and potassium nitrate… hmm…

Seems… possible!

During the first stage, the glass would be produced like every other normal glass – with machines cooling the glass and sanding off the edges etc. After this process, the glasses would be loaded off into a specialized glass holding machine (a one-off custom construction) which would then shuffle the glasses off to be heated back up to a temperature of 420C.

The heated glasses would then be sprayed with a specialized potassium chloride solution that fused with the glass surface. This Potassium chloride solution filled in the micro ruptures within the glass that naturally occur during glass production, making the glass less prone to breaking. And that’s the whole process of “Ion Exchanging”. A unique feature of this hardened glass was that it bounced when you dropped it, essentially giving you a second chance to catch the glass.


Interesting. I just laid down some 13-0-44, think it’s just as good?

apparently you need potassium chloride and you gotta spray it on while the glass is hot