Making safer sensing magnets

what has yet to be tried to make them more reliable?

what alternatives are there?

what if I get a piercing here (see xG3 position in my photo) and widen it up so I can just slip the magnet in and take it out at will (like, for when I need to use my hand for… stuff lol) like it was a piece of hidden jewellery? or similarly, cut a pocket into my palm like a tiny kangaroo pouch and place something in there to keep the pocket shape as it heals so I can slip a sensing magnet in there (see position of sensing magnet in the center of the palm) and take it out after use so I am not stuck with a potentially poisonous substance implanted in my hand, right?
any other sensing magnet ideas guys?


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The biohacking community has been working on magnets for decades now. Amal himself has been trying to get a reliable product sourced for the entire life of DT. The problem is that all the coating options are either too bulky for good sensing, or degrade over time and need to be removed after a couple years. We haven’t figured out the ideal coating, yet. If you want to get involved in the development, do some googling.

I would talk to an experienced piercer to see if you can do some kind of pocket. My understanding is that even when you pull off something like that, it’s constantly trying to close up so you have be super diligent about keeping something in the at all times and stretching it out regularly. The problem with sensing in your Palm is that there’s not that many nerves there compared to your fingertip. Grab a magnet and hold it near a running microwave oven, then place it in your Palm and do the same thing. You’ll see what I mean.


ah ok. thank you for the very informative reply. for the demonstration you mentioned at the end, does it need t be neodymium?

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Yeah, it’s pretty much required. NdFeB magnets can retain a magnetic field that is more than 10x as powerful as common ceramic magnets.

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You can also get “high” temperature tolerance Neodymium magnets upto or around 120°C (I’m not sure what that equates to in the weird Fahrenheit scale, maybe eleventeen thousand ⁰f) either way it’s not even close to the AlNiCo at around 500⁰ still, im not sure if it could handle the heat process to seal without losing some magnetism

AlNiCo magnets are so much weaker than NdFeB that it’s not even worth attempting to use them for implantation.

The problem of magnets losing their field strength when the coating process brings them above their Curie temp is usually resolved by remagnetizing them after they’ve been coated.

does coating/covering the magnet need to involve such extreme measures of heat? (I am guessing this is electroplating? please correct me if wrong, I am a total newbie here, so have mercy on my stupidity lol, I am a really slow learner but once I start learning, my pace starts picking up in speed)

what I was wondering is if there is some kind of material that can be used to coat the magnet by spraying/dipping/hand painting? something that is safe inside the human body, that wont break down…

is there a thin flexible plastic that can be used inside the body? (something with a similar texture to polyethene maybe?) I’m thinking along the lines of sealing the sensing magnet inside some thin flexible plastic (thin because vibrations will pass through it much easier than glass, I think?).

I dont want to give up on finding a way to make a safe sensing magnet. I am hoping that maybe my stupid questions could give somebody more knowledgeable an idea that might just be crazy enough to work! lol

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Using plastics is one option that has been pretty thoroughly tested with some success. You still need to apply heat to form the plastic though.

I appreciate your desire to find a solution to this problem. There’s tons more to know and explore about this topic on other forums, but Dangerous Things is decidedly not the place for magnet implants. Amal decided a few years back that he wasn’t going to expend any more resources pursuing it. If somebody comes up with a reliable coating that they can make at commercial scales, you’ll likely see it in the store, but until then no one here is doing R&D on this. We all do RFID related stuff.

The one of the biggest problem with mechanical coverings is the thickness that is added. The more thickness that is added, the less sensitive it becomes. The magnet is so small to begin with that you have to almost double the size in order to get a reliable encapsulation.
Silicone has been used to encapsulate magnets, and there are companies selling them. If you really want one, I suggest you look them up.

The Complete Guide To Magnet Implants video

so can you reccomend any good forums that are still pursuing a solution to the sensing magnet coating issue?

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I could, but I’m sure you can find it without my help.

as somebody who is new to this, I would rather take recommendations from those who are more experienced rather than risk getting myself into trouble due to not knowing where best to turn for the subject of sensing magnets, so if you could please give me any recommendations it would really be really really appreciated, if thats ok?

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Getting yourself in trouble for not doing proper research is on you, not on someone that isn’t serving you information on a platter.

Do the research. It’s a few keystrokes away.


I never said it would be on anyone else, I’m just asking for recommendations to point me in the right direction, I’m new so I’m trying to be as safe as possible, whats wrong with seeking guidance? also it is kind of derogatory and ironic when you use the phrase “serving information on a platter” when it comes to asking somebody to share information on a website designed for sharing information!
why be anal about it? I’m just asking for advice. if you have nothing constructive to say to me, please dont say anything to me at all. I’m just trying to gather information from those more knowledgeable on the subject on a website that is here for that exact purpose (among others of course, but you know what I mean I am sure)

oh and that link you made ([quote=“turbo2ltr, post:14, topic:5364”]
[/quote]) in your message to me is incredibly patronising. it is not necessary to belittle people just because they asked for information while on a website designed for that exact purpose.

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The way this is worded, you are implying that if you don’t get recommendations from Satur9 that you are at a higher risk of getting in trouble vs if you are given the information. This is the reason behind my comment. I’m merely stating only you are responsible for your trouble.

If you look at my posts you will see I (as well as Satur9) are among the many users on here that have helped countless people with their questions. There is no one resource for magnet information. This is biohacking… the answers are spread out based on the work of many individuals that may not even know about the others’ work. My intent is not to be patronizing, but to point out that a simple google search will get you more information about magnet coatings than you will get if everyone on this board answered your question. No ill will was intended.

ok, fair enough, if you didnt intend to belittle or patronise me then thats fine, but it did come across a bit condescending, regardless of intent. but if no ill will was intended, i’ll take your word for it and would like to respectfully move on from that.

I would also like to clarify that I wasnt trying to imply that if Satur9 didnt give any recommendations that any trouble I get into would be on Satur9, I am responsible for my own actions, I am responsible for what I do to my body, I intend to take that responsibility (as is the essence of biohacking isnt it?) but since I am new, I do feel that it is wise to ask those who are more experienced. this is a risky business, so I think it is important to talk to people who have more experience than I do. if they refuse to share their info, that is up to them, and I would never try to hold them accountable for me looking in the wrong places because I dont know any better and winding up in trouble as a result of my lack of knowledge. what I decide to do to my body is my own responsibility, but I do think it can be helpful to get recommendations from those more experienced while I am still new. I’ve only been on this forum for a couple of days, and being new to any subject I dont think it is wrong to go to a forum focussed on the subject and use it as forums are intended: for seeking info and recommendations, discussing ideas etc.

anyway, if there is anybody who doesnt mind giving a newbie some good recommendations on where to start this journey, I am all ears…well, eyes lol.
thank you

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There’s a lot of talk about this subject on


thank you, amal for making a recommendation, very much appreciated.