May complain about the algorithm but it also means people posting shit will get blocked.

Hope they review your message soon.

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Don’t you want it RGB controlled animation with an NDEF record script?

I mean… If you’re offering… LOL

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:rofl: hahaha I wish too.

I’m all excited! I ordered mine on Sunday morning, and they are supposed to be delivered today! I barely slept last night out of excitement…


Dagnabbit I had a bad case of FOMO.
The price is too good to miss, now with this and the pending Titan, I’m gonna hit 13 implants.

Maybe I will try this one as a finger implant… ET???


The XSIID has 2kb user storage as I read, right. Yeah, the blinky would be a really great one :slight_smile:

Sort of,
The original had 2kb of storage but the second kb didn’t read correctly so it wasn’t really useable 90% of the time

Pretty sure it was changed to only 1kb as a result

Edit to add, Confirmed
Here is original listing of issue

And here is the updated data capacity on the product page

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I believe you can still write data to the 2nd KB of storage, just that it won’t be read as NDEF data. Basically, it becomes a NTAG216 with an extra KB of storage that you can choose to use with raw commands.

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Sorta Kinda, I thought the same thing, but I confirmed with Amal, they are still 2kB but 1kB shown on the website to save having to explain it there. (it would just confuse people) ironically

1kB easily usable via NFC /NDEF

2kb usable with caution and NFC Shell

And what @DonFire beat me to above :arrow_heading_up:

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Yep, and some screenshots of my NITC with the newer config:
Max NDEF message length of 874B -

Data in sector 1 (1xx) -

And what the older config looks like in TagInfo: