The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

Glad it’s not just me having issues. If I could have control over it, I’d definitely use those rounded ones (looks really comfortable).

Such an odd issue to have.

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If anybody was interested, I found a supplier for these SD Card adapters for cheap ( Approx USD$5 ) I bought 4 and the postage was approx. USD$10 and was quite slow
Anyway, FYI

Micro SD to SD Card and Usb

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A pretty cool solution no? I’m still surprised it’s not more common, let alone made in “not China” lol

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Another interesting article…

Be careful where you post this.

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They are still reading the muscle movement signals and training that to computer looks like

And you know this probably took weeks and weeks of calibrating read out to computer output

I’ll be interested when they actually decode or demodulate neural activity… and not just correlation of “hey look… this neuron fires when he moves his pointer finger up”

I’m slightly pessimistic that it might not be possible, everyone’s wired different… literally

Makes you wonder if we can ever crack the “code” that neurons are taking to each other in… given it’s possible every brain is using its own code


finger-phone implants when? :stuck_out_tongue:

Two implants, a speaker and a mic.

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I drank too much caffeine

Then this happend

So i took the strange letter from them what was printed on shipping label paper - so its essentially a Sticker and put some of it on my laptop.

i had to strike some info from my lawyer so they don’t get 1000 calls from all the dirty criminals here :smiley:


I really like your sticker collection, tells a lot about you!

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So did you actually implant it?

haha no :smiley:

it just sits on my desk…

but sometimes i get thoughts like - why not, it looks okay.

then my mind changes again to:
why risk a heavy metal poisoning or breakage from that cheap glass.

So most likely no install of it :smiley:

i mean i can just get a next or xnt if i need a ntag 216 in my skin,^ but i have anyway no need for another chip implant^

i don’t think it worth the risk.

especially because i have no use case for another nfc implant with no blink. i would just not use it

But i thought about getting some more and do some “tests”

i really wanna crush one with pliers

maybe inject some in clothes or walls or so

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This seems interesting, kinda Apexy but I cant find details.

Seems like it’s a secure work badge with a payment applet. Doesn’t look like you can install applets tho.

Okay, so im sitting here doing breakfast (#toast).

A thing came to my mind, out of no where - totally random.


OK, thats all.
have a good morning/day/eavening!


Because somebody would try and implant them if they were. :roll_eyes:

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“Wow a free flexNExT with my Spark?”



Cant i get a free amal with the next order?

How many amals are around rn?

How long it takes normally to build one? maybe i need to get a DIY Kit

You can build a new Amal fleshsuit and imbue it with life and purpose pretty easily, but then how are you gonna build all his implants in? He’s like 2% implant by volume. That’s gonna get expensive.

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Actually this was considered but;

  1. 10x cost for us to make

  2. many cases would need to be on-metal compatible because laptop cases and other potential application spots likely to be or have metal, so 25x cost for us.

  3. cost.


Why not make a tiny DT NFC sticker to sell as merch. Kind of like T-shirts its not included in every order but something that someone could add on that would be fun to play with.


I did stick an NTAG215 to the back of my DT sticker.
Linked & locked to the DT website but shortcuts to the forum from my phone.

It currently resides on the box I store my AliExpress hoards of NFC and RFID cards, stickers, fobs etc…