MCT Bruteforce Info

I saw some posts on the forums about a MCT mod that allows bruteforcing keys. I found the GitHub link to the source code, but the download no longer works and I won’t have the ability to build the apk myself for a week or so. Does anybody have an apk they can share? Also, if there’s a better option for working with m1k from Android, please let me know!

I can tell you that brute forcing with a phone will take ages… years maybe… depends on how fast the radio and stack are. It’s really not a valuable thing when a proxmark3 can do proper cracking in seconds or minutes.

Also … like… can’t you get the same thing basically by pumping your key file full of every possible combo as a rainbow table? The standard MCT would then basically try to use every key listed in the file, which is all keys… right?

There are some apks in that repo already compiled for you:

I really don’t know how that application works but you will be severely limited by how operationally slow the card is rather than the computational power of whatever device.
I would be very interested in your findings and happy to help where possible. All of my experience has been either cracking individual sector’s keys and/or using a dictionary to check if the keys are already present.

Brute forcing has crossed my mind before but I cant imagine how slow it could be.


True. I do have a pm3 I can use, I was really just curious about the app more then anything.

You can totally do that. This app also seems to include some other features as well though that might come in handy at some point. (Assuming they work ofc. Haven’t done much testing yet.)

It does include another keys file that isn’t included with the standard MCT. It’s a 10,204 line file called full.keys. Unfortunately though, it can’t be imported into MCT because “some keys contain invalid data (not hex)”. At some point I’ll probably write a script to remove the invalid keys.

Thanks! Can’t believe I didn’t see that :sweat_smile:

Gonna be doing some research into the app. Since it’s open source I’ll see if I can fix some issues with it if I have time.

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