Medicine box with implant


I‘m searching for a medicine box which I can open with my Next implant. Any idea?

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Modify a medicine box with the xAC

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xAC like yeka said, you could also grab a simple RFID padlock :closed_lock_with_key: or furniture lock.

Have a quick look at the compatibility matrix, there are a couple of options on there for you.

Something like a gunbox may be ideal, (some of the “better” ones would require the xSLX or Spark1)

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What level of security are you looking for out of the medicine box?

Kids/theft/legal compliance

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Kids :slight_smile:
Ah I totally forgot the locks for furniture


Yea if your just trying to keep “innocent” kids out I’d just use the cheapo rfid furniture locks, just make sure they are compatible with your implant

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Yeah to make sure they kids haven’t access to things they don‘t. Do you have a link? Can’t find it on the web.

I am not sure if it will work with a NExT, it works with the xM1, but it may be possible, somebody else may be able to test it for you

Other locks are available

Search your usual, ebay, Amazon, Aliexpress, DH Gate, Bangoog, DX, Wish etc

You will find plenty of options

Yes the ikea one I have seen but as I remember it’s not compatible with the Next as of the matrix.
Maybe someone experience with that?

^^ Vicarious talking about the same lock from this thread


Good hint. Will give it a try. Thanks