Medieval medical devices wtf

For all the advances in medical science, occasionally I see something and just go “really? this is the state of the art?” … so this is a recently FDA approved device… it’s meant to wrap around cut nerve bundles and hold them together for healing… and like, it’s brutal looking. It’s just hooks.

I mean… mechanically it makes sense… meat-hook barbs in either direction make for a devil’s Chinese finger trap… but like… 1) this is the best we can do in 2022?!, and 2) it took this long to come up with something that looks like it could have been a sexual torture device from the 1500s?

… oh and for anyone who wanted to click the “read” button, there’s a paywall so I won’t even bother to post the link.


Have you tried

It works on some paywalls, no on others. It’s worth a shot though.


I did, it doesn’t work for that site.

There are other articles about this: Smithfield BioScience and BioCircuit to produce new Nerve Tape device
and the website of the manufacturer:

And the medieval inspiration:


Dude! That’s awesome!

Now can somebody make a firefox add on to automatically apply it to paywall sites?

I don’t have a link, but have you ever seen those “gauze guns” that basically shoot a ball of fluid absorbing, expanding material into an open wound to buy you time if your’re bleeding at a distance from an hospital?
Just like the barbed patch, they make sense and save lives but they look like mini tshirt guns and definitely evoke the wtf out of you

All I can think of is the foam gun Simon uses in Serenity to bandage up Zoe’s back wound, and the blooper where it doesn’t work XD

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Something like this?

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Which is similar to this


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Off-topic : Not automatic but there is this extension.
Or you can just type in front of any paywalled URL, directly in front of the the https://

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I agree. I’m a surgeon who does nerve repairs / reconstruction and this is new to me. Usually would
Use fine sutures in the epineurium (outer layer that doesn’t conduct nerve signals) but this looks like it might cause more intra-neural scarring & risk coming loose. I’ll be interested to see how they promote it.