Memory for pm3 easy

Does the pm3 easy from dangerous things have spi flash? i take away the hashtag for flash when setting up a standalone mode?

no the pm3 doesn’t have spi, you can solder it in tho

Can it still store card data?..also If im in standalone mode hf_msdsal and i read a card but instead of emulating it i want to see the cards data…i keep the power source supplied and plug it into my computer, what is the command i type to see that data?

mem info

After make clean j8 all command it says this

Did you run ./pm3-flash-all?

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Yes i did and i got it working…how do i get from pm3–>…to proxmark3 what is the command?

Thanks for your reply

cd -

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Hey when im in hf_msdsal i can read a card but it wont store it so i can emmulate it…its a visa debit card …i can only read not emmulate

you can’t read the full contents of a visa card for emulation, they’re too secure.

MSD is a legacy chipset and likely not the chip in your card

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