Merlin rocked up down the pub

No not that one…sitting in the King Ethelbert having a pint or 8, looked out the window and in the car park opposite was a trailer mounted Rolls-Royce Merlin 27 litre V12 aircraft engine. These were used during WW2 in the likes of the Spitfire, Hurricane, Lancaster and Mustang. Absolutely awesome if you like such things. The engine is a runner but he wasn’t set-up to fire it up. The location is called Reculver and that’s where they first trialled the bouncing bomb which was dropped by Lancasters on the Dambuster raids. So that was the link.


What a beauty :heart_eyes:

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Gorgeous eye candy is what it is.

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I get a spitfire flying over my house literally on a daily basis. I live about an hr from Reculver.

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Hot damn!
I always love watching Guy Martin talk about his Merlin too

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Yeah we get them here but not that regular. The “Thank U NHS” one has been doing the rounds recently.

Fun factoid: do you know why the exhaust pipes are bent backwards?

Because the engine has such high displacement that the exhaust gasses actually provide thrust.

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that’s why my exhaust pipe is pointed backward too!



Imagine what you could achieve on the Bonneville flats with a set of roller skates and a hearty plate of refried beans or Jerusalem artichokes :slight_smile:

Thats my namesake! IMG_20210130_100615

See soms somulairtys but lil bit more shiny then me

Propably smells just like me when runnung xD

If this is one of the refurbished engines for the battle of brittain 70th anniversary (as far as I’m aware, all flying spitfires and hurricanes had this work done), then those exhausts were made by me :slight_smile:
Well, the milling side of it anyway, one of my comrades did the welding.