MetalWare 105LC Digital Lock 13.56mhz

This is what appears if i scan the geberic key fob that is compatible with our MW105LC Lock. Do you think its ISO No is compatible with our NExT? Its running at 13.5mhz as well.

This is how the physical tag that comes with the lockset looks like,

This is how the physical door lock looks like (video)… it has a pincode option and the tag option. It currently works as well with the generic blue (13.56mhz) keyfobs you can buy online (picture).

Yes that should work with the NeXT as long as you can enroll the NeXT with the lock. If you can’t enroll it you would need a Magic chip to change the UID on.

Yes both ISO14443-A
Yes both 13.56MHz
But it may also need to be a Mifare card/Implant.

As you own the lock you can easily enroll your choice, and it should be an easy test both

If your NExT is not compatiable
an xM1, FlexM1 etc will be.

It will then come down to the antenna and if it can read an xSeries.
Have you tested with an xFD?


Hey bro im yet to receive my package… still at hk sorting center DHL sucks :sweat_smile:

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