Michael Mendez Jr

Hello my name is Michael Mendez Jr.:grin:. I am 15 years old and live in the USA in Texas. I am very intrested in robotics and am also very interested in biohacking​:exploding_head::exploding_head:. I recently bought a nfc implant for my self and for my friend to implant into my hand. I still have not received yet :grimacing:and when I do I will record on my smart phone and post the​:camera: video of the procedure being done on YouTube. I am trying to get my hands on a implantable magnet so I can implant in my hand. I will do various tests like the weight the magnet can pick up, the distance the magnetic field picks up other metals and many other test. What I am trying to say is that I dont have money right​:disappointed::disappointed: now to get a magnet to implant on my self and I was wondering if maybe you can send one my way​:smiley::smiley: for me and my friend to implant into my finger. I really want to be one of the first teens to get a magnet implanted into my finger​:sunglasses: and record the procedure and post it if you like on youtube. Ohh and by the way my parents a totally fine with me getting a implant in my finger. They think it’s really cool​:sunglasses:. If can send one please let me know. Thanks and love yall​:heart_eyes:.

Dangerous Things doesn’t sell magnets.

For bodymodifications like a magnet, I think you must be 18.

The persons who sell the magnets, sell them only to bodymods. You can read the rules on the homepage. I know at the moment only 2 persons who sell magnets.

Some bodymods say also: no picture, no filming and no other person is allowed to watch. Don’t think you can play after implantation - it can be rejected. My bodymod who did the procedure says: wait 2 month! It was very difficult and hard time not to play ( I think 3 times I picked up a small paperclip)

Greetiings from Austria

Please see the partner map and find a qualified installer. https://dangerousthings.com/partners

Yes it will cost more money, but the medical bills for a bad install will be a lot more.

Improper installation and/or procedures can lead to serious infection. Sepsis is no joke and can be deadly. https://youtu.be/2Ex51kc3pOs?t=13m56s

Magnets are way harder to install than an x series implant and should only be done by someone that is familiar with surgical procedures and aftercare. It’s not something a 15 year old can do, unless you are Doogie Howser…

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Love the feed back!!! And thanks for a response. I will look into what age you have to be to get a magnet implant, but if I am able to could you help me get a magnet to implant into my finger??? I do know and am VERY aware of the risks of and infection and rejection of the magnet but if no other teen is willing to go beyond our limits then who will. ME. DUUU🤓. Also I am going to get a nfc implant into my hand but it still has not came in the mail yet but just so I know can I start using it after the implantation is done?

Thanks for the feed back turbo2ltr!! I do know and am very aware of the risks of not just an infection but rejection of the magnet in my finger, but I not only wanna be the youngest biohack but I want to to it for my future and for my kids future if I ever have kids👣. I will take advice from the video you shared with me. Also I will not be doing the the implant with just my friend who is also interested in biohacking but with my dad who is also aware of the risks.

Bodymodification 18 ! I checked one of the sites who offer magnets.
Have you watched clips about getting a magnet?

We have here in Austria very strict bodymodification rules. I think the most awful in the world.
I travelled to Germany to get the magnet, the xEM and the flexNT. Finding a bodymodification artist works like that: ask in groups on Facebook and wait. I got the contact information. I got an appointment for about 4 month later!

Suggestion: Wait, safe money and get your magnet on your 18th birhtday.

Professional body piercer here. In the US you do have to be atleast 18 for implants/body modifications. There are really only 2 people I would trust in the US for magnet implants. Brian Decker out of New York, and Jeremy Pauly out of PA. They are great at what they do, but yea, you will need to wait until you are 18, but that will give you time to save up!


Brian Decker is an awesome dude

Don’t do it for the world record, and if you’re going to do it yourself I’d recommend and x-sires due to it being a lot more useful and once you get the full kit and you follow medical procedures youre risk of infection close to nil.

Since youre in Texas, I’d recommend Pineapple body piercing in Austin TX, he is just awesome, but as previously mentioned, you’d have to be 18.

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I’ll hop on this. I had Pineapple install a FlexNT in my middle finger yesterday and the process was a breeze; completely painless and over in under 10 minutes. I would highly recommend visiting him at any of the Shaman Modifications locations when he’s there!


Okay. I was just like you at 15. This stuff was still pretty new and I was all over it. I had bought a whole bunch of sketchy m31 clones and was going to self-install them in my finger. I didn’t though and I’m glad I didn’t then. Since then, I have had a Titan, xEM, an xSIID, and an xMagic implanted(well not yet on the xMagic cuz long story). I’m glad I found a professional for a few reasons. Medical bills are expensive and a biomagnet implantation has a very serious risk of complications. Your fingers are small and have a lot of very important nerves, blood vessels, and tendons that could become a serious problem if knicked. I haven’t even brought up the vasovagal response yet. I self installed my second implant(a blue xSIID in my right forearm). As soon as the needle touched my skin I disassociated completely, as soon as it left I nearly passed out and was profusely vomiting for 6 hours. The possible medical complications are also staggering. A depth of injection issue could cause you to nick something vital to the function of your limb or maybe even an artery causing you to bleed out. I know the videos make it look simple but there’s a whole lot going on that you don’t notice and until you’ve done a few of them or been present for a few implantations I would never attempt to complete one yourself. It’s dangerous. Hence the name.

Edit: I’m not trying to discourage you and it isn’t difficult to implant a subdermal chip but I don’t think anyone with such little experience should attempt to self install an x-series or a biomagnet(please god don’t implant a biomagnet in your finger by yourself)

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That post was from 2018

so they should be over 18 now :rofl:


I was a pretty bright 15 year old, i was likely just as bright at 18. I think an 18yr old could get by with an Xseries install anywhere but the finger.

at almost 40, i did it, but just like you i would advise against finger installs. i wont know till next month how much it actually impacts my day-to-day as far as gripping. Something i didnt account for was my ring finger was broken when i was younger and it now twists, so where i put the impant is in the middle of where my hand would normally grip… Dumb mistake i made…

Yeah they are like 20 now hah! Amazing. Would be awesome to get an update.


Got a name, location and age, who’s digging through public record?

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Come to find out it was an investigative journalist trying some gotcha journalism to expose biohackers as luring your kids into a deviant lifestyle.


There was also a phone number, but I deleted it.

Easy to find, if you know where to look…

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Lordy. Why’d the forum put it at the top of my feed like it was some brand new news? I didn’t even notice the date.

I mean I think I could’ve done it at 15 even. I just don’t think someone at 15 should be making those decisions. As impermanent and non-invasive as these implants are. I’d always advise against a self install even for an x-series. I know it can be done, and I’ve even done it, but it still raises a higher amount of risk. At least if you’re gonna do it, have a buddy there to take over. You will have no idea how your body will react to having a needle pushed an inch under your skin until it’s actually happening.