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Hey Amal,

I had written to you a while back regarding microchips. I ran across this article and tried to find some info on the company but they seemed really weird. Are they really a company? They say that their address is: Amaligade 16.1 1256 Copenhagen K. They say their chips are made by Bluerobot— also with the same address.

Are they a real company or a joke company? I looked at their Facebook pages and they seem odd. They said Bluerobot was forcing all newborns to use their chips and that they would have GPS. Now they say they will connect to Ripple and Bitcoin. When I messaged them, they said the microchip implant had to be in the right hand and couldn’t be removed.

I know you know a lot about this stuff so could you help me?

Thanks so much

Kris Maxwell, USA

I just messaged them on FB with some more questions. I’m not sure they’re a “joke” company, but they’re certainly making claims for their product that are well beyond what’s currently possible:

Our 1st version of #BICHIP Microchip implants (ISO14443, NFC Compliant, RFID / NFC) technical details:

  • FDX-B compliant 134kHz LF 1½x10 mm RFID tag
  • Pre-programmed 38 bit unique read-only ID number
  • Encased in a 1½mm by 10mm borosilicate bioglass shell
    Remember that #BICHIP version 1 is not for sale. #BICHIP version 2 (IoT chip with Internet data) or version 3 (GPS chip) are the only products we will have for sale.

The GPS and Internet Data aren’t really feasible or possible currently.

I certainly wouldn’t trust this company considering how overblown their claims are, how vague they are on specifications, and how a bunch of the links to the products and specs are dead links.


Looking farther down the page it says:

April 22, 2016 ·

On September 2017, through Europe newborn children will be compelled to take in a subcutaneous RFID chip made by www.bluerobot.dk
This chip will perform as a GPS sensor that will task with a non-disclosed battery sustainable technology and will be implanted in state clinics. The data, collected from one or more sensors in the body, would be transmitted to cellphones or tablets where apps would give parents and pediatricians insights into the baby’s health and condition in real-time. This technology has already been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in humans.

Which is completely bogus AFAIK, for multiple reasons, but primarily that I’m pretty sure the FDA hasn’t tested or approved any RFID implants for humans.

Most likely it’s a random looney, but my totally unscientific gut reaction is that it’s one of the “mark of the beast” wack jobs building background support for their conspiracy sites to cite. The sites sound relatively sane on the surface, but are claiming to provide exactly the technology (that doesn’t exit) that the MotB nuts are raving about.

Yeah— it is almost like they are pulling a bunch of crap off the net and acting like they are knowledgeable. I tried to look up Bluerobot who supposedly manufactures their chips and they are at the very same address as is a robotics company. Really weird.

My Edit to your edit: Years ago Verichip was approved by the FDA but couldn’t sell their chips so they basically folded

I had noticed that they were asking people to volunteer for their chips and they would insert them for free in their right hand. I asked about the left hand because I am a lefty and was told this:

It is not removable and can not be implanted anywhere else. Our researches proved that the right hand is the only place it works and has no side affect

What side effects? And why not removable?

NFC at 134khz? Red flag right there. Lies, all lies.

Do not trust anything these guys say! There are no issues with either hand. Many people, including myself, have tags in both hands.

Exactly. A nut job building his own “reputable sources”

Nice job done so far. Thanks for sharing here.

Iota. Did you get a response back to your request for info?

No, they saw it 12 hours ago, but didn’t bother to respond. It’s totally a bogus outfit.

Hope they will. Just wait and see. lol

When I was trying to get more information on that weird BIChip Company out of Denmark that states they will have IOT and GPS in their new chips. they stated that President Trump ordered 3 million in advance from them. I am assuming for the military or possibly to determine when non-residents enter and leave the country-- IF an order was even made which it probably wasn’t. I really tried to ask this company more questions. They state they are giving the microchips for free, but you have to pay for their service. When I pressed them on what their service provides, they got evasive. I asked them why the folks in Sweden didn’t use their chips and they said that they got them from the US-- I am assuming Dangerous Things.

Whoever I was talking to kept insisting that they have a patent in Denmark and will begin mass producing in September of 2018-- yet, they offer to give away their chips on Facebook. I begged him to send me a chip because I told him I wanted to put it in my left hand since I am left handed, and drive my car on the left side, so it just made sense to have it in that hand. He stated it probably wouldn’t work in my left hand and that I would have to insert it myself. I told him that would be fine-- and he then said they wouldn’t be available. I am now blocked from their site because I was asking too many questions I guess. But, this company is super sketchy and put a bad name out their for legitimate groups like yours who are trying to find a way to make things work for everyone, and allow choices (right or left hand, etc) If anyone can get any information out of them, I would really appreciate your thoughts after talking to them. I still think they are fake, but can’t fully prove it. I am trying to get information on their patent. If they are fake, what is their damn motivation for setting up a bunch of weird info? I am intrigued and yet frustrated by this “company”.

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Read my above post. 99% chance they’re a conspiracy nut trying to establish legit sounding “evidence” to support their fantasies.


I don’t necessarily disagree but the person who “answers questions” on their Facebook page insists they are legitimate

Well, he would now, wouldn’t he? :slight_smile: But the fact remains that they’re claiming to HAVE, currently, technology that isn’t even prototyped by anyone. And every claim they make slots perfectly into the “number of the beast” conspiracy.