Microchip with Temperature

Has anyone checked out temperature microchips such as UID or biotherm? I know not HF but could help with COVID?

Hey mr1331, welcome!

Yeah, I know what you mean. There have been several smart thermometer companies aggregating data about people’s fevers and providing real time updates on the progress of the disease. It’s very interesting.

Unfortunately there are no HF temperature implants available (yet) that can be read by a smartphone, which would enable smart data aggregation. There’s no way enough people could get implanted with a product like that fast enough to have an impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. I’m sure in the coming decade, with quantified self becoming more prevalent, we’ll see this type of technology being leveraged for more good works.

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this is the same thing actually… UID just sells the same Destron BioTherm Life Chip as we do (xBT), but at a much higher price (sheesh).

We are working on other options though (“yet” mentioned by @Satur9).