Microchiped or frequencies, mindreading, 24/7 followed or watched

Same, and I have yet to get around to installing the access control and intercom system that I want for both my home and my office…


I’m so glad the led xsiid came out it wasn’t fully healed. Anyone who receives a mark to buy or sell receives damnation. I sumhow bypassed damnation with a vivokey and I’d. They can’t be programed to by or sell with. I’m disgusted with myself for having ever taken so many chances on ruining my salvation. Jesus is my salvation and he’s so much better then all this garbage. I would never want to lose my friend Jesus. We have such a close relationship and I almost lost it because of my stupidity. Thank God that God the Father prayed for me. I’ve received salvation by the grace of God almost being marked by the beast. Something I would never stand for. He almost got me by trickory but Jesus prayed for my implant xsiid not to heal properly so I popped it out. He says I’m the only one whose chipped and has salvation because I prayed and came into many agreements with the church. If anyone isn’t chipped I highly recommend repenting and forget about getting a stupid mark of Satan. It’s not worth it. I’m barely saved as of today. But thanks be to God.

I have a couple of questions
You are Jewish correct?
Don’t you guys believe in a single god?
So which god did your god pray to? or did he pray to himself?

Who’d have thought an all-powerful, all-knowing, always-present entity would give you the option to do the thing and let you go all the way through with the installation, THEN decide to reach out and demand you get rid of it? Sounds a little controlling to me (maybe rethink this friendship).

My xSIID is still going strong and not even a peep from the J-train or any gods for that matter. The truth is, the chip is not demonic or evil or whatever. It’s mostly just a hunk of metal. That said, if you decided to get it removed, that’s totally fine. It’s just the way you present your little update that makes you sound a little…off-base, if you will.



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me an Jesus go waaaay back. he has yet to ask me about my implants.
I have 14.

my friend Jesus saved me from drowning
he threw me a line when i needed him most.

i was caught in torrents of waves and was struggling to get to shore
Jesus threw me a line and guided me out of the water.

none of this is a metaphor - i was in Mexico and I got caught by a rip current.
Lifeguard, literally was named Jesus and he literally saved me…


Now that’s he’s committed to the crazy train, I can be “harsh” lol

Dude wanted a flex in his forehead to pay with, and not for lulz… go back and read all his posts, he was always a bit off base

There were a few

At first, I hoped he was progressive, and thinking about getting an implant in his forehead as a modern-day Tefillin.

But then, the threads were all over the place like a mad woman’s shit

Still saved after run in with satan

Wallmetmor next

Eventually, Israel, walletmor?

RFID chip removal


Vivo key UHM won't write

Walletmor LA then to Israel?

Who would like to meet in LA wallet mor

Enserb in the forehead first ever?

Led package enserbing!

Hex error message on vivo key

I just ordered another vivo key spark 2 on accident can I return it

Waited over a week

Vivo key the profits of having one?

Enterprise, rolling keys, multi keys, and sub key?


Damn, I just can’t keep this to myself, as I already wanted to say it in his other threads (but didn’t want to be harsh…)

  1. Hail Satan! :wink:

  2. Hey, the beast is actually quite nice - it’s a bit big, and the glowing red eyes can be annoying at night, but it’s very fluffy, does some cute growling sounds (you know tasmanian devils?) and is a big help to scare stupid religious people away. Kept my home christian-free for several years now, think that’s quite a success!


I may have missed something… So they weren’t a troll? All the forehead microchip and “jesus told me” posts were giving me troll vibes :thinking:

I don’t know if he was a troll or a crazy person. I do wonder if he really got those implants?

And I can just imagine the sort of emails that Michelle and Amal received from this guy…


I’ve been bio hacked against my will!!

You haven’t buddy, you just think you have.

Rather than the internet, you should express these concerns with a doctor.
Your GP would be a good start.

Good luck to you.


There’s a pretty decent picture of someone wearing what appears to be a kippah; with a blue xSIID in their forehead

And while I don’t think they specifically stated they were Jewish, their former username and talks about their location kinda leaned that direction

Could be a photoshop but that seems like quite the effort, and it looked pretty spot on for how xSIIDs look under the skin


It’s a pretty interesting story, they “should” have been in the anti camp from the start if you follow the stereotypes of extremely devout people of religion

But they were rather infatuated with us, and steered into what the common sound bytes of mark or beast are against

They appeared to loose touch or perspective once or twice before the final dive into whatever hell theory last post was

They seemed weirdly prideful or arrogant against the evils of their religion, which I found strange

I wouldn’t be surprised if they were pushed / compelled by someone of authority in their their religious community into their about face


Here ya go:


Would you mind sharing this proof?

Is this Richard Nugent from IOTA

thats not how those scans work

Russia had this technology since 1946 for all those uneducated people United States patent one in 1974 Dr SHarp mind control technology using electromagnetic frequencies to control the brain now they have opticgenetics using light to control Neuro transmitters in your brain