Microchiped or frequencies, mindreading, 24/7 followed or watched

it is possible to make one if you have the knowledge maybe. (who knows) what y`ll can say about this? https://www.targetedevidence.com , https://ibb.co/xjCqgvJ . @ebryer @amal

I mean, if somebody can make something like that with the knowledge, they sure havent done so yet. Just showing a random website that agrees with you doesn’t say much, there thousands of misinformation websites out there, making one takes 2 seconds. As for the list of “sources”, okay they have a list of names? There’s nothing showing those are real names, or that those people actually agree with the statements. Even if they did, 10 doctors agreeing doesn’t invalidate the millions of doctors who don’t. All implants are visible on an x-ray and MRI. If you can get those and not see anything, you don’t have an implant, it’s that simple.

Also, on a logistical standpoint, how would those chips work anyway? How you do propose somebody can connect to them to control you? Surely not wifi, because you think it can be done in public, but it can’t be anything like a cellular tower either because even then you wouldn’t always be connected. Bluetooth? They’d have to constantly be close to you. Besides, the size something would need to be to be able to connect to WiFi or networks that trying to hide it in your body and having no doctor or professional be able to find it would he pointless.

Those 2 links prove literally sweet fuck all.

The section on the 1st relevant to your claim of remote Neural Monitoring offers no proof of this. It has clips of Elon Musk discussing plans to directly link your brain to a computer. Directly. Not remotely.

The 2nd list is a list of names without context.

Both of these are proof of your own confirmation bias and nothing more.

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I wish I was important enough for someone to chip me. Instead I have to buy my own implants and monitor myself, LIKE A SHMUCK.


You and me both.

First world problems eh? :smiley:


This is my childhood all over again… not fast enough for sports, not tall enough for girls, not pretty enough for my scout leader… now I’m not important enough for shadowy agencies to monitor me


Yo we can monitor each other so that we feel special for once in our lives


This is exactly how we started the Illumina- I mean nothing


I loved the video! Very informative on the subject at hand. Thank you @amal for sharing this link! I hope that those that need the help will reach out to someone who can guide them to understanding how to properly take care of themselves, such as the lady in the video did.

I wonder if there is anyone out there in the mental health field that would like to post their information on this site, so that someone has a way to get the guidance that they very much need!..and maybe include that info on your dngr.us/help post as well?


@amal Maybe time to lock this thread? A bit old and a bit repedative. Keeps coming up at top of the list.

It’s kept open to keep these topics together in one thread otherwise they pollute the rest of the forum.


also you can MUTE it for yourself if you want.


I just don`t understand… Are they all really sick reddit.com/r/gangstalking ? Directed energy weapons is bullshit? I am just sick yea?

Yes, so they do.

Yes. You are unwell. Sorry to hear you have a mental health ailment.

My aunt believes in all this rubbish after being told by her son… Who died a few months later after ODing on heroin. Further spreading the distress and inflicting his rubbish on others. This is very common with this sort of thing.

That subreddit is literally a feedback loop for mental illness and paranoia.

Top comment on that subreddit:

You cannot heal in the same environment that makes you sick. Stop hanging out in community’s which echo your incorrect theories with pseudoscience.

Please. Its for your own wellbeing, get help from family, friends, someone you trust, mental health services. Literally anyone.


These coincidences. just not possible… Thank you for your post. But it seems impossible for me. Because i have only auditory hallucinations, it’s not like voices… idk how to say. It’s like inserted thoughts. They ar speaking with me throught thoughts. And i just know that i don’t speak like that. dream manipulation and delusions without other symptoms. They speak with me. And i think that they are someone i know. I just don’t know what to do. medication does not help me. they did not hesitate to tell me that it is happening to me. otherwise I’m a different person you wouldn’t tell me I’m not normal.

Case closed. You even call them hallucinations yourself. Get professional help.

You dont understand… i am trying to tell myself that i am sick…


That is a great first step. Medication for these issues is not an exact science. If you don’t have a Dr willing to work with you to find the right balance of effective meds, then find a new one.


this is exactly what schizophrenia feels like. Watch these videos; https://www.webmd.com/schizophrenia/video/video-living-with-schizophrenia … if that’s anything like what you are experiencing, then go directly to your doctor and ask for a referral for a schizophrenia evaluation from a neurologist.

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