Microchiped or frequencies, mindreading, 24/7 followed or watched

Yes, for instance, that’s an implant - of sorts:


Is that a egg beater???

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Looks like it :slight_smile: Crucially, it looks white and well defined on the x-ray, is the point.

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Maybe they were a little blocked up?!?


Looks like eggs weren’t the only thing he was beating that day…

I’ll show myself out




Hi, I’m 200% sure that you haven’t been chipped. First, there’s no doctors anywhere who implants chips without consent. Second, for a chip to make your ears ring it would need a battery and there are no chips like that. It’s impossible, you have no chips so don’t worry.

The ringing you’re hearing is most likely a side effect of your surgery. Swelling and increased blood circulating in and near your hearing organs could create the sensation of ringing, noises etc but these will go away once the body heals up and the swelling goes down.

If you’re generally concerned about being implanted against your will then it could be a sign of an underlying psychosis and I would strongly suggest you to get in touch with the psychiatric care for a checkup.
also, if the ringing doesn’t subside within two weeks, get in touch with your doctor and talk to him about these symptoms.


Please go to a doctor. You do not have a chip implanted.

You need to go see a doctor and tell them what you told us.


Right let’s deal with this thats major surgery and if you have problems go to the doctor as soon as possible!

They would NOT have implanted anything inside your body unless you agreed and even then it would have been surgical and medical implants NOT an RFID implant or anything of the sort.

If you have ringing in your ears it is called tinnitus I occasionally suffer with it.



Go and see a doctor and tell them what you told us. He will help you.


You aren’t going to be told anything else here. You need to go to a doctor. If you think you have been implanted against your will, you are having symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia.


You are also, not the first, see here…

It’s called social isolation. Your loneliness is mandated by the government.

not all governments, it varies by country and state.


Yup. Each country has its own set of rules, guidelines and level of enforcement of them.


If you’re serious about this and not just trolling, then this is the only help we can offer.

Everybody else,

The attention to this helps no one, an admin will be along after awhile to merge this into the above referenced thread. Until then, please just let it go.


You do not have an implant. You are not sensitive to 5G. You do need help however, contact your doctor immediately.

tinnitus (ringing in your ears) can be caused by many things, from injuries to sickness. you don’t necessarily have an illness like schizophrenia, but please speak with a real medical professional regarding this problem.

there is no way a microchip would be able to do this. please be careful about false information that could be out there.

if you still think you have a chip, though, please read http://dngr.us/help

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That’s right. Here in the sticks in Northern Finland, it’s pretty much business as usual.

I knew I was right to dislike big cities :slight_smile: