Microchiped or frequencies, mindreading, 24/7 followed or watched

I’m just waiting for someone to finally prove these things exist. I’d love to get my hands on one. Imagine being able to record your dreams, or control your own mind to make yourself focus better or wake yourself up. Imagine being able to cure insomnia with an implant. I’d totally get one.


elon musk would rip it out of these people’s skulls to get at it. imagine the rapid advancement neuralink could get from such a discovery…


Its Directed Energy Weapons. And its real sh*t. Stop lying. It`s done remotely without chips!

Did you ever get help?

Wouldn’t it be better to just ban those people with link to help site and then delete this mess?

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Not in my mind. Generally the people who post here, post a few times and stop. If they believe what they are saying, they need help. They usually come to this site for help. I imagine if we ever get a troll or one who doesn’t stop, they will be banned, but not right away for asking what they think is a serious question.

It all gets consolidated in this thread. I just try to let them know they need to see a doctor.


It’s not real. Sorry.

The thing I don’t understand is, even if covert chipping by CIA or aliens was real, why in hell do these people seek help from a implant vendor? I mean if I was sure someone had implanted something in me unbeknown to me, I would view DT as the enemy - potentially a supplier of chips to the nefarious entities who are torturing me - as well as the willing guinea pigs of said supplier (us).

Oh well, I guess logic and mental illness don’t go together…


I mean, there’s a few things to it.

DT/VivoKey are open with their products. We’re nearly the only ones out there publicly saying “we do implants and we’ll talk about them in the open”.

There’s contact details for Amal as well, legitimizing us. Inevitably they fall down the “hang on you’re the lizard people” hole. I’m surprised we haven’t seen more about the whole 'Rona conspiracy thing here. That or linking us to it somehow.

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Clearly the rona won’t get linked back to here everyone knows its caused by 5G antennas /s


I am relatively new to RFID implants, so please bare with my ignorance. I am trying to find out the metal used in the RFID implants. I am thinking its some sort of brass or copper wiring; but it could be another alloy coated in another material. Could one of you guys help me?

Oh, right. I am supposed to introduce myself. My name is Lillith Eschaton Demiurge.


Most of the implants have 2 types of metal in the antenna. There is a ferrite core (the dark rod) and an enamel coated coper wire also known as magnet wire (the shiny orange bit).


Beyond that there is solder of some form, not sure what alloy that is but it would be non leaded as @amal has stated that everything in the implant is biosafe for the unlikely case it breaks.

Also welcome to the community!

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Oh, okay. This looks interesting. Two more questions…

What is the resonant frequency of this copper wire?
What is the resonant frequency of the ferrite core?


Individual not a whole lot, depending on the implant varient either 125khz or 13.56MHz

I’m sorry. “Individual not a whole lot…” What do you mean?

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They will not resonate on there own its an induction coil. It picks up a field from the reader either 125khz or 13.56MHz.

To summerize the coil works in conjunction with the ferite core, the capacitance of the coil/wire and the chip itself to form a tuned circuit waiting for excitement (the waves from the reader)

was trying to be funny :pensive:


Basically the antenna works as a whole, along with the capacitance of the circuitry (LC tank circuit) to resonate at the desired frequency.

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Edit: These are the detectors. Not made for implant. I believe the implants have resin around them also.

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To be clearer:

The ferrite core is used as it has high magnetic permeability (it aligns easily with the magnetic field) and low electrical conductivity (which helps prevent eddy currents)

The coper is coiled specifically until the whole thing has a specific inductance which when hooked up with a capacitor of the correct farrad it resonates at a particular frequency.

I believe, I’m no RF expert.

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in the pics above the reason there is more or less copper is to tune the coil to a different frequency less copper = higher frequency = 13.56MHz.

As for what material your body would come into contact with it would only be the bio glass.

Nope thats pretty good, your learning :wink:

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