Microchiped or frequencies, mindreading, 24/7 followed or watched

Lets not forget about 134kHz (134.2kHz) in the xBT
Side note, I have also seen the Hitag (xHT ) mentioned as 134kHz

You know what i always forget about that one.

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You are correct but there so interchangeable my (for example prox lf works great on my kitties tag) so I kinda mentally group them for most discussions.


Yeah, I just feel they are the red headed stepchild of LF

Out of interest do you have a specific project or are you trying to work something specific out? If you go into details we may be able to help further.

Guys I’m a little concerned here actually… this guy is asking the kind of questions a person would ask if they believed they had an alien government bill gates covid-19 vaccine microchip… and wanted to “deactivate it”. I bet they are planning to hit parts of their body with a microwave oven magnetron. Hopefully not the case here… hopefully just a curious potential customer.


Exactly my thoughts.
Also, with the whole COVID-19 conspiracy shit, I think we should all be a little more cautious about these kinds of questions.


As I’ve said before, if Bill wants to pick up the tab for me I’d be more than happy!

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Beyond the absurdity of microwaving yourself in this case it did jack shit to the implant so hopefully if anyone thinks that’s a good idea they’ll find out it won’t work.


All of our answers go to prove that if you have an implant then you need it removed properly I.e. by a medical professional.

Looking at the profile pic they are wearing a brain wave detector thing ( I can’t remember what there called) but there expensive and are consumer equipment I have seen many biohackers and electronics enthusiasts use.

in what sense, I personally believe if we ever what this tech and future tech to be accepted then we need to be as open and forthcoming as possible.


Sorry. I am still here. I am just looking at the principles of another patent and I am trying to see if the same applications can be applied to RFID technology.

I was going to answer, but I can’t find the specific patent. Bare with me…


Glad to know @amal’s theory was not correct, also glad that not microwaving yourself was covered however as we do see a fair few people desperate to remove or disable chips that there brain makes them think they have.


That was the first thing I checked, and why I gave the benefit of the doubt.
Brain wave detector/EEG… that is what I want to integrate into my electric skateboard…
In fairness, Amal has to deal with alot of people from both ends of the spectrum


Found it!

Patent EP0103656A2

Here is what I am trying to do. Using the same principles of this patent; I want to see if I can upgrade the firmware of a 5G router or radio tower to pulse radio waves along the same frequency of the antennas in RFID implants. If the principle works, then the RFID implants should theoretically heat up or even spark.

Of course, depending on which country you are in, the frequency of 5G should be radically different. More testing should take place…


:eyes: And why exactly would you want to do that

Also note that all 5G is miles away (frequency wise) from anything near to the implants frequency non of that amplifiers ect will work

I do not want to derail this thread, so I will tell you the brand name. Emotiv. It’s an EEG device. The technology is relatively cheap.


A way to contactlessly separate water into hydrogen and oxygen… that’s an awesome concept! Current methods are probes or membranes that foul quickly. Still not sure what it has to do with RFID implants? Maybe nothing?

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Just a hunch. I want to see what the possible threats and exploits are with this technology. If the technology works, governments could subdue entire crowds without a single loss to a police officers life.

Well the issue would be glass is an awful conductor so even if it sparked and you could make it spark to the body would likely not even notice except maybe heat. And you would need an big spark to have any chance of subduing a human.

I’m confused the patient is creating hydrogen gas by creating a resonant cavity between two pulsing DC electrodes.

You seem to be talking about using rf/microwave for crowd control this is incredibly dangerous and potentially leathal (Side note these weapons already exist).

I also don’t see why this is related to implants are you trying to control people with implants specifically? If so the fact that the implant is incase in glass would make it incredibly difficult for anything that happened inside the implant to effect the implantee the only likely reaction would be minor heating.