Microchiped or frequencies, mindreading, 24/7 followed or watched

Have you ever put your hand on the surface of water and moved it up and down; slowly at first and then picked up the pace? At first, the water makes little waves; much like the frequency of the RFID tag when RF hits the antenna. However, if the user takes their hand and slowly increases the up and down motion on the surface of the water, then the waves become great; spilling out of the container.

This is how that that device functions; and I think I can do the same thing with RFID implants.

yeah thats resonance, that’s why military orders are to break step when crossing a bridge ( historically a marching troop took down a foot bridge when there marching matched the resonant frequency of the bridge, catastrophic failure)

Maybe… but I don’t think it was all that far off…


Interestingly it can happen even without a marching army. Turns out if there is even a slight swing to the bridge, walking cadence tends to sync to it. It’s a vicious cycle with poorly designed bridges.

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yes I was watching a video on this not long ago (was actually about engineering failure but that was in there)

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As long as I’m not involved in a irl
I will be able to sleep at night.

Edit: that’s a lie, sleep is hard…


Yeah, sometimes you think you know what’s gonna happen and you just get surprised. It took a turn I wasn’t expecting.



This thread is the first to combine 2 conspiracy theories. lol.

I won’t reiterate what others have said (idea won’t work). Not to mention how will you get your hands on a 5G cell radio along with the firmware so you can modify it.

But your application is disturbing at best. It would require everyone to have implants. If that day were to ever come, surely we’d be way past 5G.

Additional, your idea is already made into a product only it doesn’t need RFID implants or 5G.


I remember first seeing one ( and a uk version being demoed) scary shit.

Do we think this needs recatogorising/merging.

No need to say “told you so” :sweat_smile:


Man! First, an unsuspecting and innocent question leading to normal conversation, then Amal’s story-changing hypothesis, then to the harmless scientific research angle, all the while building suspense rising to the climax and then BOOM! Super villain trying to build an RFID crowd control device! I’ve paid money for much worse entertainment than this. What a ride


Here is a list of all the 5G frequency bands globally.

United States of America
Sub-6 GHz Spectrum (Low and mid band)

  • 600MHz
  • 3100 – 3550 MHz
  • 3700 – 4200 MHz

Spectrum Above 6 GHz (High band)

  • 27.5 – 28.35 GHz
  • 37 – 40 GHZ
  • 64 – 71 GHz

United Kingdom / Europe
Sub-6 GHz Spectrum (Low and mid band)

  • 700 MHz (United Kingdom)
  • 2.3 GHz (United Kingdom)
  • 3.4 GHz (United Kingdom)
  • 694 – 790 MHz
  • 3400 – 3800 MHz

Spectrum Above 6 GHz (High band)

  • 24.25 – 27.5 GHz

Sub-6 GHz Spectrum (Low and mid band)

  • 3600 – 4200 MHz
  • 4400 – 4900 MHz

Spectrum Above 6 GHz (High band)

  • 27.5 – 28.25 GHz

Sub-6 GHz Spectrum (Low and mid band)

  • 3300 – 3600 MHz
  • 4400 – 4500 MHz
  • 4800 – 4990 MHz

Spectrum Above 6 GHz (High band)

  • 24.25 – 27.5 GHz
  • 37.25 – 43.5 GHz

Sub-6 GHz Spectrum (Low and mid band)

Spectrum Above 6 GHz (High band)

  • 26.5 – 29.5 GHz

Sub-6 GHz Spectrum (Low and mid band)

  • 3400 – 3600 MHz

Spectrum Above 6 GHz (High band)

  • 24.5GHz – 29.5GHz

Getting my hands on a simple 5G radio is easy. I think all the new routers have them; and if not, I can find them on eBay, I’m sure. If I pay a few thousand more, I can even buy a proper antenna and breadboard and build it myself. However, I think I’ll try 5G in the future and focus on any sort of antenna that will effect the device in an unintended, perhaps harmful, way.

5G is only valuable because the infrastructure is already in place. All someone would have to do is penetrate the radio and upload the firmware remotely. Maybe even the government would find the research interesting to stop protests and riots; opinions and ethics aside.

Building my own antenna is more intensive and costly, but not at all entirely impossible to deploy in a densely populated city. If I build several good antennas with a range of one kilometre, it would take considerable time before the signal could be triangulated; let alone prevented before the system was activated.

Of course, all of this is conjecture at this point.

UPDATE: I found a 5G router. My cousin had it. This is great!

I do not think the microwave is an accurate test. In my ignorance, I thought it would at first. The fact that your experiment did not cause the RFID tag to light up in the microwave, however, is a clear indication that the waves produced by the microwave do not match the frequency of the RFID tag. (135mhz?)

Maybe you could hack that device you used to check the RFID to pulse the tag incrementally. My hypothesis is that the antenna will resonant slowly and incrementally until enough heat is built up in the tag to shatter the glass. I do not know if that tag is in a vacuum environment, but if there is even a little bit of air, it should expand and rupture the glass enclosure. If the implant is under the skin, then the internal electronics should be in direct contact to the anterior interosseous nerve; essentially tasing the user continuously, so long as the signal is running.

Nikola Tesla tried to give the world free electric through radio waves before (JP Morgan?) pulled his money from the project. I know this will work on some level; I just have to experiment. If you guys get involved, I am certain we will find a solution to this conundrum soon enough. (As long as this project is fun for you.) I will share my findings in here.

Maybe we can call this project “Order 66.” (I love Star Wars.)

PS. I really dislike this “wait a few hours” thing before replying. It’s hindering scientific progress. How about using a captcha instead to prevent spam.

You realize 5G cell radio = Fith generation and dosent run at 5Ghz
Where as 5G wifi means 5Ghz


They are resin filled.


The only conundrum is you are trying to make a weapon to hurt people. Not worried though since it’s clear you have no grasp of what you are asking. You have a lot of learning to do about basic electronics.

@leumas95 said the other thing I was going to say… “5G” cellular is different than “5GHz” wifi. Neither one operates anywhere near the resonant frequency of implants nor do they put out enough power to do the damage you want it to.


Had too think about this for a bit before replying further.

We are a community of people who opt to install RFID and other implants. Surely you see we would not be interested in helping you create an “Order 66” that causes us to be incapacitated?!

If this “project” was feasible (it’s not, above I got part way through pointing out flaws as did @turbo2ltr) we would most certainly not be helping it’s development but working to mitigate it!

I don’t know how this is relevant, Tesla was a genius who contributed much to the world. You are making a seemingly ludicrous attempt at making a weapon to hurt people on mass, specifically people from this community and all the cats, dogs and other animals with this class of technology in them.

In short WTF.

If you are trolling, good job, you put a significant amount of time and effort into this mind fuckery.


Right so first of your drastically confused;

  • 5G is not 5GHZ WiFi

  • Your cousin did not have a 5G router they had a WiFi router with 5GHz band radio

  • deploying something like what you have stated would not be easy or legal, its bordering on terrorism

  • gouverments and conventions have ruled this type of tech illegal in most cases

  • building your own antenna?? If you think that’s expensive try buying a 5G basestation

  • the amount of power you are talking about triangulation would be easy, look for the dip in the power grid…

  • no the chip is not in contact with a nerve, have you ever tried sticking a needle in a nerve (you would pass out)

  • no it would be nothing like taking someone, the worst you will do I piss them off enough to come at you harder…

  • Nikola Tesla was a genius, just by your demeaner and general lack of understanding you have proven we have nothing to worry about from you.

Please don’t :sweat_smile:

Thats nice…

Who’s? Yours? You are trying in theory to create an energy weapon with no idea what you are doing, making major mistakes in basic concepts and illuding to carrying out you “experiment” in a public place on the general public. Thats not science its terrorism.


Oh, that restriction? It gets removed from people when they are bringing value to this community. I’d argue it’s not hindering scientific progress and in fact the opposite is true.

You’ve been told by multiple people here who are very well respected in this community that your hypothesis is flawed and potentially criminal. By continuing to post you are flouting the science and slowing progress by pulling these community members away from their other theories and projects to think on your dead-in-the-water 5G Terrorist Nutjob ideas.


I think it is time to… File this Thread


So much wrong in one sentence :slight_smile:

First of all, it’s MHz not mHz (mega-, not milli-) or mhz (there’s no such unit as a hz)

Secondly, the working frequency of LF tags is 125 kHz, not 135 MHz.

Thirdly, the working frequency of a microwave oven is 2.5 GHz. So yes, no match. But crucially, microwave ovens put out so much power that the field induces eddy currents in anything metallic, which is what kills most chips. If a LED doesn’t light up in a microwave, it’s probably a clear indication that it’s been fried before it even had a chance to try.


I have one of those! It’s like 10 years old though - I got an Epoc back in the day.

I apologize. As I said earlier, I am fairly new to this and I am still trying to figure things out. Someone commented on the 5G signal being incompatible with the RFID frequency; and you are correct. I saw your comment and was going to reply, but was unable to reply. (Something about the thread being closed or changed; or something.)

That’s the one I really want! I have plans for an Giant robot I just can’t wait to build; and when I get the Epoch, I will use motion capture to train the Epoch. Then I will be able to control the robot with my mind. Unfortunately, I do not have the money right now. Trying to start a business to pay for research and materials. When I get the funds, I will not only buy the Emotiv Epoch, I will commemorate the achievement by getting permanent hair removal with electrolysis where the sensors are. That way I can wear it all the time.