Microchiped or frequencies, mindreading, 24/7 followed or watched

I’m sorry to hear you feel this way

I take it you have found this lump be feel?

A doctor would be the best person to discuss this with.

Why can you not go to a doctor? A doctor would be the best person for you to discuss this with.

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The answer to both is… A doctor. Your wouldn’t go to a butcher for a leg amputation would you? No! You would go to a doctor. Other people are going to short you money or just scam you.

Since they are NOT doctors. You cannot trust them to take any chips out ya know? Pick a doctor at random, and they cannot be in the “scam” if that makes sense.

Yeah . You have nothing there. Maybe one of your other personalities says you do, but you really need to look at that. That is an edit. Not an implant. Show your doctor and tell them about this thread. We just want you healthy.


I watched it on Dailymotion :eyes:

I think that somebody has fitted a device or microchip in my body. Please see the list of reasons why I think this:
I had a voice in my head for three months, it was talking to me and playing music.
I woke up one morning and I couldn’t move my neck, I went to bed as normal, but then I couldn’t move the next day.
Whilst I’m trying to go to sleep at night, my arm will suddenly move, or my leg or head.
Sometimes my nose will itch, but it feels like electricity is touching it.
I feel like my body is being controlled by a device.
Please help.

Rather than the internet, I think your first port of call should be a doctor.

I hope they can give you some answers

Good luck with it.

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Katie, (and others with similar feelings)

In response to the control comment:

I think those are some very philosophical concepts. Are you mid 20s or 30s or have you been through something traumatic. I feel like those are life changing times in which people’s thinking can change drastically. It can feel like you think you want to be something else or act a certain way [or should be doing something specifically “by now”/finished certain goals you always had]. Quarter and mid life crises are a correction on out perception, but you can control it if you are conscious of it. Maybe reach out to someone close AND a caring stranger.

As humans, we all have a disposition to overdrive out pleasure/reward systems. This can also lead to certain behaviors that reward the brain chemically, even when the thoughts about who you are and your values don’t agree with this reward seeking. It can feel very out of control. There are a lot of resources for this cycle. You can control your compulsion based action, almost always only with help.

Are you in a relationship in which one person’s feelings are dependent on the others (codependency) or your relationship is inconsistent with your perception of reality (gaslighting)? Take a 2 inch by 2 inch square card and write down the people’s names who you are the only people who’s opinions REALLY matter to you. When you feel these emotions reach out to then and explain it. If you are an extrovert do it in a group, if you are introvert reach out to individuals. Then seek counseling.

Have you changed medication levels or lifestyle recently or when this feeling started this way? Your hormones can change naturally, but medications can change a lot and effects vary person to person. This would start with internal medicine and perhaps counseling, things just need to be adjusted and dialed in.

In any case even if not mentioned above, you are worthy of love and joy. You need to put some work in on yourself mentally, and it is easier with friends and family. Reach out to them we wish you the best.


These are perfectly normal, they are called hypnic jerks, hypnagogic jerks or myoclonic jerks.

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Indeed, I know somebody who used to experience these quite regularly , he started taking magnesium tablets and it stopped overnight [pun]
It also leveled his mood…
It might be something worth discussing with your doctor

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No such device exists. Look at Neuralink, even they only have a monkey controlling the computer - not the other way around.

It would be huge to be able to control bodies with tech like that, they’d give paraplegics their control back easily. But it’s not there yet.

Please see a doctor.

This is a mental thing. It can be treated. But you need to tell a doctor.

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This thread demonstrates two fact :

  • There are lot of conspiracist / schizophrenics on this forum
  • Mental diseases are really the 21th century disease …

I have someone in my family who suffers from cognitive dissonance and you can tell anything, it doesn’t mind ! Or you think the same, or you are with the secret world government :slight_smile:

I would rephrase it to:
“A lot of conspiracist / schizophrenics come across this forum”.

The vast majority post once, don’t like the replies, then go away. :woman_shrugging:

which is actually a shame.


Thank you to everyone that has applied, apart from the person that said I had schizophrenia, I do not have that condition, you shouldn’t say that people especially if you are not a physiatrist and to say that to somebody is really unkind!

I thought I would ask for help on this particular site to get advice.

I have ringing in my ears, that sometimes goes really load, and then really quite.

Thanks for the advice.

This sounds like Sleep Paralysis. Again this is not the result of being microchipped.

This is usually called tinnitus and could be related to sleep paralysis…

Hearing noises can also be a sign of sleep paralysis. You might want to consider whether this is indeed what you are experiencing, and have a look at the various suggestions on how to deal with it.

I am not a medical professional and this is not a diagnosis, but several of your symptoms can be connected with a single cause and so it might be worth considering. You should probably discuss these symptoms with your doctor though.

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I don’t believe that they were attempting to be unkind. Many people in this thread match symptoms for schizophrenia. We try our best to get them to seek help. I hope you are able to get help you need for whatever you’re suffering with. Whether it be sleep paralysis or schizophrenia.

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|[quote=“Zwack, post:769, topic:1458”]
This is usually called tinnitus and could be related to sleep paralysis

I tried calling the tinnitus help line but no one answered… it just kept ringing



I need to figure out how to go about getting this shit out of me. I am being violated hearing people when I close my eyes its like a green screen

Take a deep breath,

Implants like that do not currently exist

Go to a doctor, there are all kinds of simple explainations and ways to fix what you feel is happening

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Greetings Justin,

I don’t know what is going on, but I would suggest taking to someone about it. You could try talking to friends, family, a priest (of whatever faith or religion you follow) or a doctor.

Hearing voices can be caused by many different things, and help should be available once you ask for it.

I am not sure what you mean by a green screen. In the film world that is used as a background so that they can cut the actor out easily and then put them into a different background.

Anyway, You are not subject to any microchip implants, so please talk to someone and I hope you get the help that you need.

I’ve been following neuralink very closely

They are not even remotely close to this,

Currently it takes a lot of repetition and likely insane amounts of programming and calibration just for it to correlate physical movements to moving a mouse on screen

We are likely a decade away before the concept of any level of perceived input is possible,

The neuralink is like 2” in diameter, and involves a equivalent piece of your skull being removed
The device also needs to be charged pretty much daily

I’m pretty sure this would be obvious

Also why? Million dollar prototype device that a thousand paraplegics would fight for the chance to test

Or let’s just mess with some random person

Stop reading random unverified claims on the internet as truth,

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