Microchiped or frequencies, mindreading, 24/7 followed or watched

I’ve always wondered.

I mean, you have to admit that a brain microchip is a pretty outlandish explanation. Possible, but extremely unlikely. If you’re willing to accept that possibility, how could other unlikely explanations be less valid?

It could be any number of things unsupported by evidence:

  • Tiny covert agents taking residence in your body via shrinking technology

  • Ancestral DNA being activated and telling you how to live your life

  • Whispers leaking from another dimension beyond our perception

  • Or even an unaddressed mental health issue you’re not aware of

In a universe full of impossible things where all of these explanations are apparently equally likely, why microchips? There’s even more evidence about microchips not being able to do what you describe than any other explanation. Why latch on to that?

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As a rule, the folks here (myself adamantly included) are the type who would line up and pay for that, if it existed. Many of us follow these technologies closely and with great hope. That said, it is not even close to working, as @Eriequiet has already pointed out.

For what it’s worth, that exact use case in that meme is literally one of my greatest wishes from a technology growth standpoint. I’d absolutely LOVE an implant that allowed me to play music or transmit noises without headphones. In addition to the fun of not needing headphones, I have very bad tinnitus and deteriorating hearing and such an implant would be a big quality of life improvement for me. I say all that to hopefully maybe lend a little credence to my above statement that we here are the folks who do follow these technologies closely, and actively hope this stuff was true. We aren’t getting any pleasure out of saying this technology doesn’t exist.


Out of curiosity have you tried bone conducting headphones? If you have cochlear damage they won’t help much, but there are studies which say they can help mask tinnitus.

So this may be the wrong thread for this, but your comment has made me think about more unintended use-cases for neuralink and correlated products. There are plenty of young people who are interested in biohacking (I’m not even technically in college yet). If neuralink becomes as ubiquitous as it might among aspiring biohackers, school testing and other “secure” places will need a massive policy update. My high school wasn’t even prepared when I had a smartwatch with me when I took AP tests a few years ago.

Elon Musk also said that Tesla would make a profit real soon now… In fact it wasn’t until 2020 that they did.

He is very good at self promotion (and very bad at naming children).

If we were to listen to every prediction of the future we would all be driving flying cars by now.

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I’m going through it now

Wouldn’t we also have SpaceX manned flights to the moon and back by now? I thought Musk a while ago said those would be happening a year ago.

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You experiencing symptoms doesn’t automatically mean that you know what’s causing it

My throat jaw feels like I got throat punched currently, but I’m not assuming the craziest notion that I have a tumor in my jaw

The more likely option is I slept on it weird


@Jburton089 please read this http://dngr.us/help

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You do, though. This is a classic case. How do you know you don’t? Have you actually seen a psychiatrist?

Again, see a doctor. Implants like this don’t exist.

Not necessarily, Sleep Paralysis could also account for a lot of the listed symptoms, including hearing voices. Either way that is something for medical professionals to determine, and the first step to getting that help is to ask for it.

I am not saying that either of us is right (or wrong) just that neither of us is in a position to accurately diagnose and then help her. This is why it is most important for them to seek the help that they need from someone who can actually provide it.


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I’d listen to them if I were you. These sounds like classic delusions and hallucinations.

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Hey James, that sounds really scary and I’m sorry you’re dealing with it! I’m willing to bet there are lots of physical illnesses could cause these sorts of symptoms so I’m glad you’re talking with a doctor. I know you have your own theories but it’s important to get checked out by a professional because it’s sometimes impossibly difficult to figure out what’s going on inside your body without help. If your doctor can’t help you it might be worth talking to a psychiatrist. Brains are extremely weird organs, and they’re capable of misbehaving in some very wacky ways. I’m not trying to say you’re crazy. I’m just saying that your own physical brain might be doing weird stuff to your mind, if that makes sense? That’s really all “delusions” are. One part of your brain fighting another. I say all this as someone who also suffers from a misbehaving brain, though it tends to mess with my moods and emotions more than my perception of the outside world. Psychiatrists can be an amazing help though.


I’ll just add,

currently no implants than can do anything like this,
Even the touted “neuralink” is only capable of recognizing rough movement after presumably lengthy calibration at the moment

And before you say “but so and so keeps it secret”

We are the idiots who implant things in our bodies in as soon as it’s viable, long before government is usually aware of it

Currently microchips can’t do send anything to your brain,
Are easy to see on X-ray
Easy to remove
Easy to locate yourself because they hurt going in and are easily felt thru the skin
Are completely inert when not directly next to a badge reader since they have no batteries

All we can do is tell you what microchips can and can’t do, we can’t make you believe us


A friend had similar symptoms to yours. She went through being titled crazy and all, until eventually she got a blood test done. She needed blood thinner.
…just a tip, not a medical…
Good luck, and all the best!

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this is a dangerous statement actually.

@Jthekingt 's symptoms can also be caused by brain tumors or other central nervous system or even circulatory disorders.
Simply casting them aside as “delusional” could result in serious consequences.

Like that case!

@Jthekingt , your local prescriber casting you as delusional would be expected because a local GP/Prescriber would rarely have enough training to diagnose something that complex.

Please go see a specialist or two!

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:point_up: This

@Jthekingt If your doctor just says you are crazy without running any tests then find another doctor. If they run tests then they can at the very least rule some things out (blood clots for example) if those tests don’t find anything.

I know that you have described your symptoms as “red and blue like laser pointers” that suggests flashes of “light”. I honestly don’t know what that is a symptom of.

I personally have had greyouts when I stand up too suddenly. My entire vision goes grey, and then rights itself. This is simply caused by low blood pressure. It is not pleasant, but at least I understand it.

That is actually more common than we expect. Even as a symptom of a range of conditions…
Epileptics and Chronic Migraine patients tend to report very similar occurrences right before their condition triggers.

It’s also referred to as “aura” (not related to the exoteric use of that word).